Girl always needs a guy bff


Some girls might think it’s not a great idea to have a guy best friend and as they might not be able to share stuff like they can, with their girl friends. Well, I agree you can share and be open with a friend of the same gender but believe me, having a best friend of the opposite gender gives you a fresh perspective towards things and a new outlook on life. Some reasons as to why a girl needs a guy best friend are:

 1. No drama and cat fights:

When you have a girl best friend, it’s obvious you have cat fights over even the smallest, stupidest things possible. Then comes the DRAMA, whining over things just because your girl friend made you over think about the problem which wasn’t that big initially! Whereas your guy friend will spare you the drama and infact make the problem look smaller than it actually is. He will apologize, letting his ego aside when you have a fight with him.

2. Honest advice:

This is the best reason because when you have girl friends, no matter how horrible or scary you look, sometimes all they can say is “ look stunning/ how do you manage to look so beautiful always?” psch.. On the other hand, he might not compliment you every now and then, but when he does he means it! And then you don’t even have to look perfect for him :P.

3. Protective:

Over the years, your guy best friend becomes your personal bodyguard and takes the place of your protective brothers. He is now so used to being that way that, he might forget his problems but will make sure you have reached safely and then suddenly he is your mom’s favorite son!

4. Your shopping partner:

Your girl friends just seem selfish when it comes to shopping. When you have to shop, you have to stand there and watch them try on a thousand clothes and throw tantrums with every piece! But its so simple when it comes to going out shopping with your male friend. He is going to be honest and clear about everything you ask after all!

5. Fill in the role of the guy:

Be it a date for your prom or plus one for a wedding, your male best friend is always going to be there to fill in that role whether you have a romantic interest in your life or not! When you have guy best friend, it becomes easy to get a guy’s perspective about things in your life and nothing really feels uncomfortable and awkward when you are with him.

– Saloni Tolia

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