Here Are Those 25 Things That She Simply Loves About ‘Him’



Your guy no matter how much ever he makes you mad but then above all he does so much of things that just minuses all his faults….

  1. The way he smiles at the most annoying thing we sometimes do
  2. You are asleep and he watches you silently….
  3. He places a kiss on your for head which shows his care and concern
  4. The way he hugs you tight before you leave his sight
  5. The whole world taunts you on your figure…but he love you just the way you are
  6. The way he gets jealous when you praise or complement another guy…(so cute )
  7. He does those things just because it brings a smile on your face even though he hates it- Like he hates having vegetables but he will have just because you said it.
  8. Just with your one message he is there for you right beside you
  9. The way he constantly calls you when you know you are worried over something to make you feel better
  10. He complements even if you look the worst…because he knows the beautiful heart and because he love you finds you beautiful always.
  11. When you behave mad…he finds it cute
  12. He catches your hand tight…when he is out with you…so that he doesn’t misplace you even for a second…
  13. The way he protects you when you out in a crowd
  14. The way he introduces you to his friends and family saying…that’s my girl ( blushes )
  15. The way he shouts at you because you don’t take care of yourself…and we do it even more just to see that acre and concern…
  16. He behaves like a 5 year old kid…and that is very cute thing he does
  17. Sometimes just for your attention…he will do silly things
  18. The way he wipes your tear when you cry
  19. The way he says those three magical words…I LOVE YOU…each and every day meaning it
  20. The way he kisses you suddenly when you are talking
  21. The way he blushes when you complement him… (smiles)
  22. The way he moves your strand of hair that is falling on your face
  23. The way he just turns up unexpectedly and surprises you
  24. He cooks for you no matter even if it is a maggi
  25. The way he listens to when you go on yapping and he keeping listening smiling….


Your guy is the only one who will love you endlessly and will take up all your madness…so keep loving him and understand him…and you will see a new thing every day that will make you fall for him even more…

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