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Women are the most popular species on Earth, known for confusing everything and everyone who comes across, by sending out mixed signals. I am so sure every other guy has this question on his mind all the time, as to what do these women want? I am going to try to solve this mystery, trying my best not to confuse men even more and rather help them understand their women better. So here it goes (Women, thank me later:P and Men, I hope this helps :P)
1. When she says she is pissed off- mind you she actually is pissed off! There is no other meaning to it. But if you actually care, being a part of the homo sapien species, think of humanity and cheer her up, even if she doesn’t demand for it!   
2. When she says she likes/loves you-
Hell yeah! She does it with every bit of her soul, truly and no second thoughts! All she wants is that you don’t make her regret the ‘taking-every-bit-of-her-gut’ confession. Respect it! Why do you have a doubt with it anyways?
3. When she says she hates you-
No second thoughts here too! She does hate you for making her feel the way she did and that’s the reason she said that. She wants you to either make it up to her or LEAVE! (try not repeating the mistake again if you have taken the efforts of making it up to her 😛 else you might not even get options the next time).
4. When she asks for something- maybe she demands sometimes but buying her something once won’t make you any less wealthy, right? She puts in a lot of efforts for you and she wants you to do the same for her once in a while. Too Much to ask?
5. When she is crying or whining-
She is not asking for your sympathy! A woman has a lot of things buried deep down in her soul and accept it that she is emotional. So what? She just wants a bit of your attention and time wherein she might actually tell you the reason for her tears or just brush off the topic, cause she doesn’t want you thinking about it and troubling your tiny brain. So thoughtful of her, isn’t it?

Apart from this, what do you think your woman wants? Leave in your comments about it! 😀

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