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Life revolves around relationships. Relationship between a mother and the child, a father and daughter, husband and wife, between brothers and sisters, between lovers all of these arise straight from the heart. But there is one such relationship which is deeper and stands strongly above all that is friendship.

Friendship is a unique blend of affection, loyalty, love, respect, trust and loads of fun. A feeling of emotional comfort and safety with a person. It is when you do not have to weigh your thoughts or measure words before keeping it forth before a friend. It is when someone knows you better than yourself and assures to be by your side no matter if the world is against you.

Definitions of friendship differ from person to person. For some it is a feeling of oneness with a person whereas for some it’s only about companionship. Friendship begins just by sharing a smile and a bond that feels you know that person since ages, which is more than companionship and less than love. Friendship does not see the outer appearance of a person or from what background they come from or how intelligent that person is, what it looks upon is a pure heart.

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Friendship is something which cannot be thought or learnt, it is something which one develops in its surrounding. A small child is not thought how to make friendship with anyone but yet, a child knows the value of friendship. For a small child the toy that he plays with is his best friend, having that toy brings great happiness to that kid.  Not only humans but animals and birds also have their own and exclusive ways of friendship. We grownups have different ideas of friendship, some do not wish to socialize with people, and find happiness among themselves and with the worldly things that belongs to them, whereas there are some others who actually want people whom they can call their own.

Friendship has its own and unique space in any kind of relationship. Often we try to find a friend in every person around us, who can understand us even better than what we understand about ourselves, knows what’s going on in our mind ever before we can actually open up our thoughts, can explain us the most difficult thing in the simplest manner. Relationship between parents and children is very sensitive; children often try to hide their emotions and feeling from their parents, which in turn leads them in trouble. Families should be like friends, where there is no room for secrets, where one does not need to think before opening up one’s heart. One doesn’t need to find a friend outside when you have friends at home. Siblings could be good friends sharing every bit of happiness and pains that’s coming their way.

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Life would be incomplete without a friend. If a person has everything that he desired to have, good house, expensive cars lots of money and success in life but does not have a friend, even after having everything that person has nothing in his life. A friend is a part of every happiness in our life, getting a new phone, going shopping, clicking crazy pictures, dance like no one’s watching, doing the most craziest things in the world, eating to the heart’s content, talking about crushes, even fighting, all of these would be boring if one does not a friend to share with. Even after spending an entire day with a friend, it feels as if we have hardly been together, watching movies, talking about all the possible things one can actually think of, gossiping about people we hate, deciding where to go this weekend, the movies we want to watch together, planning about our lives in future and the list is endless. True friends fight, argue, get angry and upset but still they cannot live without each other and at the end of the day laugh together on the silly fight that they had. A true friend knows how to cheer you out, will celebrate your happy moment with you but if something goes bad, others will sympathize with you but a true friend will always say “Chal chod bhool ja party karte hai”, these simple words gets a smile on the face and it feels as if nothing bad had ever happened. A true friend is someone who never gets tired or fed up of listening to your pointless drama you do over and over again.

There is no one other than a friend who knows your true side. You need not pretend to be something that you’re not. The world often sees the side where everything looks good, pretty and happy from the outside without even bothering what’s going on inside. It is only a friend who can break into the shell and get us out of the place where it seems as if there is no way out.

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World is surrounded with good and evil, similarly if there is a good friend there has to be enemies. Enemies are those who can do anything to hurt you without thinking about your emotions. But a friend who is pretending to be good friend could be worse than having an enemy. These so called friends are like sweet poison, which may enter your life for a reason and eventually leave you with nothing, their happiness lies in your sadness, instead of showing you the path of truth they will not even regret to push in hell, will not even think before back stabbing you. They will be jealous of anything and everything that belongs to you and will try to have the same or even something better than what you may have. Some people will be your friend only if they find a benefit in you. If you’re are successful having money and fame they will hold on to you, the moment they see that you have lost everything, it will take no time for them to leave your back.

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Friendship is free from a barrier of choice but sometimes to have a good and faithful friend, one needs to be wise enough while choosing a friend. Friend should be the one who holds you down instead of the one who gets you down. A true friend is like a mirror through which one can see their own reflection, the one who corrects you in your wrong doings rather than supporting you, who holds your hand firmly in thick and thin. It is rightly said that “a person who has found a faithful friend has found a priceless treasure.” A true friend is more worth than having a million friends. A person may have many friends to hang out with but if does not have even one faithful friend, then that person has failed in finding the priceless treasure of friendship.

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