What Are The Highlights of Third All-India Census on Sickness?




Highlights of Third All-India Census on Sickness:

       The highlighs of third All-India Census on Sickness are given below;

  1. Sickness in the total SSI sector was of the order of 1%. In the registered SSI sector it was 3.38% & unregistered sector it was 0.64%.
  2. The maximum numbers of sick units were located in West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. About 59.53% of the sick units were located in these 5 states.
  3. Out of the units having outstanding loan with banks & financial institutions sickness was about 19.6% in the registered SSI sector.
  4. Incipient sickness identified in terms of continuous decline in gross output was 11.5% in registered SSI sector & 6.48% in unregistered sector.



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