What are the activities that describe the scope of HRM?


What are the activities that describe the scope of HRM ?


Ans.    The scope of HRM is based on the various functions or activities of HIL. The various activities that describe the scope of HRM are as follows :

1.      Human Resource Planning :  The HR manager has to undertake HR planning. The HR needs to review the organizational goals or objectives. On the basis of the goals or objectives, the HR manager needs to understand the various activities required achieve the goals. Accordingly, the manager has to make human resource requirement forecast, and then human resources supply forecast. If there are differences between human resource requirement forecast and human resource supply, then the HR manager needs to take appropriate action. For instance, if there is shortage of human resources, then he has to make arrangement for acquiring human resources.

2.      Acquisition Function : The acquisition function begins with human resource planning. For acquiring the right type of manpower, the HR manager should make necessary arrangements for recruitment and selection of human resources. Proper procedure needs to be followed to select the right type of manpower in the organization.

3.      Placement Function : The HR manager is also responsible for proper placement o f employees in the organisation. Placement refers to fitting the right person at the right place of work. Proper placement not only brings job satisfaction to the employees, but it also results in higher efficiency of the employees.

4.      Performance Appraisal : The HR manager may be involved in designing and/or undertaking performance appraisal programmes in the organization. Proper performance feedback to the employees, help to correct their weakness, and to consolidate their strength.

5.      Training and Development : One of the major activities of HRM is to provide training and development to the employees of the organisation. Training and development programmes enable the employees to :

—       Acquire additional knowledge.

—       Develop attitudes

—       Improve skills, and

—       Develop social behaviour

6.      Career Development : HRM facilitates career development of the employees in the Career development refers to the continuous effort to match long-term individual and organisational needs. HRM should fulfill career aspirations of the employees and should facilitate to the future requirements to the employees in the light of organizational goals. Career development not only helps the employees’ concerned but also the organisation to become dynamic and growth oriented.

7.      Employees’ Welfare : HRM is responsible for the employee’s welfare. Welfare measures include creche facilities, holidays with pay, medical, insurance, canteen facilities, recreation facilities rest rooms, transport facilities, and so on. Appropriate and timely welfare facilities motivate employees and make them committed and dedicated towards their work and the organization.

8.      Compensation Function:  Employees must be re-warded and recognized for their performance. HRM is responsible to design proper compensation package to the employees. Appropriate rewards not only motivate employees but such actions on the part of the organisation communicate the organisation’s values to the employees. Rewards are provided to the individuals, and to the teams. The rewards may be in the form of higher pay, bonus, other monetary incentives, and non-monetary incentives such as certificate of appreciation, and so on.

9.      Labour Relations : HRM is also concerned with the industrial relations. It includes Union management relations, joint consultations, negotiating, collective bargaining, grievance handling, disciplinary actions, settlement of industrial disputes, etc

10.    Maintenance Function : HRM is concerned with the maintenance function. It involves protecting and promoting health and safety of the employees. For this purpose, the organisation may adopt health and safety measures, and provide other fringe benefits such as medical aid. Social security measures like provident fund, pension, gratuity, maternity benefits, injury or accident compensation, etc., are also provided to the workers

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