How to solve a Case Study?


1.      THE IS NO MODEL ANSWER TO ANY Case Study. Therefore it is an unbounded exercise.

2.      Depending upon the Case Study where 1 or 2, the length of the answer should be altered such that for case study of 4 question 5 marks each. It should ideally be 1½ size of page or more.

3.      For doing this, read the case study careful with a pencil in hand, mark important statement in the paper by underlining such statement in question paper.

4.      Read the question one after the other write the question number alongside the statement mark to repeat the statement if found relevant in the same question.

5.      Do not assume in the answer, write summary or for that matter anything without relevant question no. (Any matter such as SWOT, abstract written answering question does not give any marks)

6.      While answering being 1st Para with facts that is under that question write the statement underlined mark with the question no. as they appear.

7.      After the above para is over, state the decripencies.

8.      Next para is suggestion. Here suggest the correction that is to be brought about taking support of theory for example inventory and by stating what is ABC analysis briefly even at the cost of presuming the reader is ignorant.

9.      Draw graph, diagram and pie chart even where there are not necessary.

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MT UVA- University, Vocational and Affiliated Education for BMS


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