Wasted Time Is Worse Than Wasted Money


Time is like a race it keeps going as fast as possible. Wasted time is considered the worse thing in the world. Time is money and money is time. Time and tide waits for no man we all have heard of this wonderful phase. How much of it is true. Well time is a precious gift. If we don’t value time, time wont value you us. This happens in the case of work and relationships. Work and relationships both can be somewhat similar. Both require time and money. Well relationships do need money as well.

Work is a specific task or certain tasks that is required to be done for a certain purpose to be fulfilled. When a work is given to us we should take it up and try to complete it fully and responsibly. When a work is given before time or a specific time and a deadline is given to us it is to be mandatory followed. We the victims of boredom and laziness keep it for the last minute. Sure we believe in ourselves that we can do that specific task given as soon as possible but still wasting the time given could be used in making the task more productive than the last minute jobs.

Relationships too need time and money. Well by money I mean some gifts that can be brought with money to maintain a causal relationship that all follow. Money is important but not as much as time. Time doesn’t wait for anyone once the time is gone it is lost forever but once money is gone you can earn it. May be not the same amount but yeah you can earn probably even more than what you have lost. Relationships come with a tag “handle with care” just like all glass and brittle items. Relationships are very sensitive and very brittle it takes a long time to build a good relationship but takes more time to make one. It takes even longer to fix the pieces of a broken relationship. It takes longer than you can ever imagine sometimes.

It is always important to be careful on what you invest. Relationships and life is just like shares. And yes I am relating the two as it is about the risks that you take in life. Some people invest in a relationship for 5 years and so and end up with nothing. Every relationship is like an investment. It is such that when you give your heart your soul and yourself completely to a person, you give it all blindly. When you give everything that you have it’s on all stakes. Your life your love is on stake. You are certainly at a risk. Just like the Sensex rates fluctuating so is the heart rate fluctuating. By heart rate I mean matters of the heart and of love. There are ups and downs sometimes you see down fall sometimes there are boom periods.

Investing in relationships is a greater asset than anything. If you are loyal and you’re so is your company in which you invest you would definitely be in profit even if there is a down fall there is security. In the similar way it is so in a relationship as well. The loyal you are the better the investment. If you know your partner is loyal you will definitely stick to him or her and it would be a better gift and good returns are what you get.

It applies even to employees and companies. No matter how hard your employee works or how faithful and loyal he or she is with the work that he does for your company you too have to show him or her the same kind of loyalty. That’s when they get motivated and feels like staying. Appreciation is important in relationships and in work life. Just the way performance appraisals happen at work and it makes the employee happy for the hardwork and dedication they do in the similar manner a relationship too needs appraisals. They too need to be rewarded with the prize of loyalty, love and understanding. Trust is the cherry on top of the cake. Without trust no relationship no company nothing will succeed.

If you waste your time in a wrong relationship then everything is finished you end up hurting yourself more and more. It isn’t easy to understand that you wasted such good precious time on some looser who wasn’t worth the relationship. When you lose money in shares you so feel hurt and you want to cry but more you feel bad is about the trust factor that you had in the company you feel you could have invested in a better company at least your time wouldn’t have been wasted. In relationships too you end up giving a lot and you receive nothing that’s when you feel the prick and you regret. You do spend loads of money that is fine out of love is what you gave, you only nurtured the relationship so that it could grow well and turn out to be good and fruitful. But sometimes you never know it isn’t your fault it must be another element.

Money that is wasted on relationship does matter so much as the time that has got wasted. That time that has gone in waste could have been used to be a better person or could have been given to a better person probably your family that needed you. A little time even given to your old grandparents instead of a non-fruitful relationship would be worth a thousand blessing. That time doesn’t come back it leaves back only memories and thus it is important to spend your money wisely but your time even more carefully. The time that you spend on wasting in a worthless relationship is the time that has not created any productive value and is just going to be a waste and scrap. It is left with less or no value.


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