Well work is important. But how important is work? Is it more important than health? Well the answer is no. work and health is equally important. But if you have to choose between one it will definitely be health. But for a few people it is more about choosing between what’s important. Priority matters. If you give health your priority then work comes later. While, if you give priority to your work then health comes later. There times when you have to differentiate between work and health. There could be many reasons behind choosing one over the other. The few of them could be



  • Procrastination

Procrastination is the habit of delaying important task which needs your immediate attention. Procrastination basically means delaying the given task. Thus you end up with loads of work and stress. Because of the work that has been piled up you are becoming sick due to over burden and stress. You have no option but work as you have had enough of rest before. Delaying things is the worst thing to do when you are working. At college level it can be handled but at the corporate level it is difficult. So when you rest you will be delaying and wasting more time.

  • Busy schedule

You choose work over health even when you have a busy schedule. Some people have their hectic schedule. They have so much of things to do on a daily basis that they have no time to rest. For example doctors who treat private patients as well as hospital patients. The different postings that they get and the number of private patients they get is just too much to handle. They have to run from pillar to post without even resting as it is their job and their duty.

  • Doing a responsible job

When you are doing a responsible job you cannot skip it. There are times when you have no holidays. This is because the work you do is not going to be as easy as you imagined. If you are dealing with a responsible task and you are the in charge of it. You have to be there. You will be responsible for the loss. If a production manager requires to be there for an important deal that the company has made. He has to be there. In case in his absence if there is anything that has gone wrong then he will be held responsible. The company’s money is wasted as well as your hard work and job is at stake. Therefore it is better to work than risk it.

  • When someone else is the boss

When you know you are the boss you can take decisions and assign and delegate the work but when you aren’t the boss it is the boss who decides whether you can take a leave or no. it isn’t as easy as you think. Taking an off requires an intimation to the boss. If you suddenly fall sick and if you decide to rest you may lose your payment. If already you are getting paid less then that’s even sadder. You cannot afford a pay cut neither can you afford losing your job if your boss can hire another who’s ready to work in your place. In such a case you have to choose work over health.


  • You have always done work on time.

This is exactly opposite procrastination. In case you are an efficient person and you have always done your work on time. Then you definitely can give health your priority as you have always been efficient and one day rest won’t really affect you. You will definitely try to cover up your work and manage things for yourself. Indeed this is a very good habit that can take you a long way whereas procrastination is always considered to be the biggest obstacles of life as it has such a lot of ill effects even on health and even on work life.

  • Limited work and decent schedule

When you know how to keep a balance between work and you schedule of working you are definitely good to go. It is the right way of working. Maintaining a decent schedule is important you must always keep some space or breaks instead of keeping your day full packed and busy. Any important need arises or health seems low you can always find time to rest and take care of your health. Therefore it is important to keep limited work during the day so you can squeeze in time for your health and give it priority at times when you really need it.

  • When the job that your doing isn’t as important as your boss

Well it is the boss or the CEO who is of a greater importance to your company. Well if at all the work that you have taken up isn’t as important as your boss or your superior and if it isn’t important to get the work done on time then it is okay to take a break and focus on your health.

  • When you are the boss.

When you’re the boss it says it all. You decide if you want to work or no. you can easily delegate the work and manage to sit at home. There is no one who you have to report too so no one will shout at you. You don’t have to worry about the salary getting cut and moreover if you are healthy only then will your business work. So taking care of your self is much more important than taking care of the business. You may be losing on a profit of a few thousands may be but you can always recover it later. If you have a good health only then can you earn and make wealth.

Therefore there comes such scenarios where we end up becoming workaholics and we do not choose to become one. But it happens may be because of situation or because of a need or helplessness.

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