Vicious Circle of Moral Education Sans Effect



As very well said by Confucius, “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home”, it is true to the core that human existence is not possible without integrity. Now one could question about the same statement as the loss of integrity and justice has been witnessed by all of us for a quite a while in the society. Once upon a time, India was known for its culture and ethical practices which now has gone with the wind of change. I am paranoia-struck due to the despicable and ghastly turn of events taking place in the present scenario.

Youth is regarded as future of the nation. However, in my view the loss of virtue and conventionality in youth has created a lot of hue and cry among the people of all the ages. If theft, pick-pocketing or even for that matter, jewellery snatching wasn’t enough, we started coming across cases of bullying, raping, sexual harassment and doping all of a sudden! Wrongful act is such a small word because these cases of grave and disappointing activities were done by juveniles. But the main question is why is the malfeasance and unscrupulousness overpowering the innocence of a minor or youngster?


The past decade has seen an increased level of untruthfulness amongt children. Many studies have revealed an interesting outcome too. They stated that a decade and a half earlier the children at a young age used to lie, be dishonest or follow wrong paths due to their influence to the surroundings and it also was considered that they used to follow these immoral pathways to fulfill their childish fantasies or just unknowingly with full innocence.

However, the recent statistics showed and quite surprisingly stated that these days children and also youngsters or teenagers are more dishonest by choice and not due to their innocent or any exterior influence. Youngsters have become vicious in nature and seek great amount of efficacy in indulging into malevolent thoughts and practices just for the heck of it.


This survey itself is not just shocking but an eye opener to all the parents, teachers and also people who include things like “Value Education” in the syllabus till senior school making it mandatory to read and learn. What kind of education is this which is without any effectiveness on a child’s crucial years of development? Is anyone really learning even a bit from this education?

This reminds me of the most prominent cases of sexual harassment performed by juveniles, a tormenting news on the front pages of most of the newspapers. Now what can one say is happening inside a 15-16 year old boy’s mind? ‘Act of raping : consequences’ wasn’t included anywhere in any of the moral science books and neither was eve teasing banned in school or colleges! I think I am expecting too much from this education system. Or else this education system is underneath an uncanny sect of people called Society.

In current scenario, a society is like a confusing platform where right and wrong has lost its dimensions. Some towns of India still have the upbringing of children by teaching them really bad practises and implementation of those are still considered heroic in nature. All of this is baffling truth but what are we to say. We read, we chill and we are happy people because we haven’t really acknowledged ourselves about this severe situation ironically of which we are surrounded with all the time.

“It is not enough to just know something, one should also use it; likewise it is not enough to want or wish for something, one should also act upon it.”

I am trying to put forward not an article with a few details but a point of view, a thought which creates havoc in my mind and boggles it to all the limits every night. Tomorrow’s future are today’s saplings, today’s youngsters……and that future I am not willing to go into.


I pondered in-depth and came about with the only solution to the scenario which is to inculcate in the new generation, notions of equality, virtue and appropriate judgement. This has to be carried about not just in their homes but the initiative to make an adolescent move the right path must be guarded by the media. Media plays a vital role in influencing people especially the younger generation.

It is quite imperative that the media, the educational institutions as well as corporate institutions induce the youth to follow the path of ethics not just by handing over a book named moral values to them. Values are something that you don’t cram, but which like the conscience shall dwell within.

Herein I would like put forth the ideas that might help the parents, teachers as well as the media to take corrective measures in order to teach and encourage children on the ground of value education.

Charity begins at home. Family is the first institution to expound the necessity of moral values, general etiquettes and inculcate in them the judgement of the right and wrong.One for all and all for one.Children should also be taught about living joyously, sharing ideas and being respectful to elders in the family. Family is the largest support system throughout a person’s life and the youth must acknowledge the same.

“Guru-Gobind Dou Khadey, KakeLaaguPaye

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Teacher is the one with whom the student spends the maximum time and who enlightens the student about the heavenly spirit and the omnipotence of God. Children must be guided by teachers who lead them to the horizon of glory. Bookish knowledge only makes a person a book-worm, not well-read or wise. Teachers must emphasize on practicing at least one virtuous thing each day so that children understand the importance of ethics as well as they start making a difference in the society little-by-little each day.

Media has a lot to give to the present generation. The cartoons like “ChhotaBhim” or “Hanuman” are very educative as well as entertaining soaps for children. More on the frontier of conducting “youth conference” or “interactive seminars or sessions” with children can highly motivate them to become citizens with integrity and modesty.

‘I am above 18 years of age’ is the most frequent lie on the internet. It is of great responsibility to put in time and efforts making youngsters understand the requirement and consequences of porn sites. Sex education is more important than Moral education it seems, as values are still imparted differently to different sexes and this will never make them sure of what exactly they are learning.

Correctly quoted by famous author Mark Twain, “Always do what is right. It will gratify half of mankind and astound the other.”

Ergo, I would like to conclude the whole thought by proposing that compassion is the basis of morality. Well educated and well brought up children can only design and paint our nation filled with glory. Profound wisdom will only arrive not just when children know the difference between right and wrong, but when they can stop the wrong and encourage the right in the society.Yesterday’s honestly will sow seeds to harvest the crop of tomorrow’s enrichment.

 – Asawari Savarikar

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BMS Team aims to help the BMS students all over Mumbai colleges, empower BMSites and revolutionize management education. If you wish to be a part of our core team, write to [email protected]


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