Topper Talk: Interview with Navmeen Khot, TYBMS Sem 5 Topper 2013-14, CKT College


 Sem 5 results are out and we are back with our Topper Talk, here we have interviewed Navmeen Khot from CKT college, New Panvel, who scored 80%.

navmeen khot

1. How does it feel to be a Topper in the university exams?

Well to be honest, I expected it. And it’s beautiful when it comes out the way you dream. Not just did I dream but I also did put all the efforts needed to make it happen. I am not a very expressive person so I couldn’t show all the happy emotions on my face but seeing my feelings getting reflected on the face of my family was very priceless. A congratulatory call from my favorite teacher was cherry on the cake. People who mattered to me were happy with the results and so obviously was I. On the grey side these results also brought tears in the eyes of many of my friends and so the moments were a bit of mixed emotions for me, but my friends left their woes aside and went ahead to celebrate my victory with me. The feelings are endless and words to describe what’s going on in my mind exactly. Let me take this opportunity to thank my dearest parents, my sweet sister, my caring teachers and my awesome friends for rendering to me all that I needed and making it easy for me to sail smoothly through that period.

2. Did you follow any specific method to go about your studies?

No. Not at all. I am strictly against any specific methods for studies. For me the sense of comfort is very important before you start any work. Until and unless I don’t feel ease with myself I won’t even touch my books. I don’t say you also do the same. These things vary on a personal level. Most importantly I feel it’s necessary to pay rapt attention in the lectures, and yo! 50% of your work is already done. After returning home just do a quick recap of important things taught (it takes less than an hour or two) and then you are free for the day. Start it with your favorite subject. Prepare notes as per convenience, get it evaluated from your subject teacher and keep stuff ready for your reference. Get your concepts clear and correct right from the beginning and half of the battle is won there itself. Doing writing practice on a regular basis (valuable tip for you all from my dear teacher) for theory to boost up your writing speed. The rest half I won from our favorite 11th hour study during exams.

3. Did you attend any coaching classes? If yes for which subject?

Nope. I believe in self study kinda thing. Firstly I didn’t felt the need and secondly I couldn’t afford to waste my time and get exhausted. The need wasn’t felt because of the super reliable teachers that I had. On the first place itself they would make concepts crystal clear and would be there for me whenever I needed them. I’ve seen them take efforts for each one of our class. Feeling proud to be their student.

4. What was your specialization subject?

Marketing. (Although I didn’t score the way I expected. The paper was indeed awesome) I say it proudly again Marketing.

5. Why did you opt for it?

For the simple reason that I loved the subject. I loved it for the teacher we had made us to love it. From the start itself she made things too simple for us that we got even the toughest concepts get easily fitted in our brains. She kept us updated with all the recent happenings and the contemporary market changes. We could feel the market come alive in our Marketing lectures. Ma’m thanks a lot.

6. Which was your worst paper? Why?

Well I don’t think so I had the privilege to have this nightmare. All papers good except for the hype created after FM paper was I forced to think whether did I really wrote all well or not.

7. Which was your best paper? Why?

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility…!!! Reasons would fall short to justify its beauty. All thanks to the beautiful person who not just taught the subject but helped revive the values that we left somewhere long back.

8. The Black Book project contributing a significant part to the percentage, please share the experiences you had during the preparation of the project and how has it benefited you.

Really felt great to see that my project fetched me very good marks. That was indeed a percentage booster. All efforts of my guiding teacher who made sure that it was flawless. Thanking my parents for funding for the project and my friends who made resources available on time.  Stared to work on it from the summer vacations, so didn’t had a lot of burden except the need to get it updated by inclusion of recent data and constant analysis of it. Had a lot of fun during group proof reading sessions.

9. Any tips and advises for your juniors?

I am not a preaching kinda person. I respect the freedom and so each one is free to make their own choices and decisions. Just make sure that whatever you do won’t harm the interests of people who love you. Am sure everyone reading this is mature enough to understand this. Still from my side, try to be happy and make others happy, obviously by being good. T.Y. is a journey and so see to it that you enjoy every moment of it. Try to emit positivity around yourself. Stress of any kind can be dangerous. So be generous enough to let things go that don’t matter. Set aside time for yourself and pursue varied interests. As far as I was concerned, I wouldn’t touch my books before listening to ‘FM Radio’ for at least an hour, read ‘Dan Brown’ to get refreshed, play ‘Bounce’ as soon as I felt sleepy and go into solitude to write ‘Poems’ the moment I felt disconnecting from this world. People don’t just be a ‘kitabi keeda’. Try to explore many other great things near you. Be a part of the social camp, a research team, a cultural troop or even college fests committees. As far as the interests don’t clash, do things that make you happy for attitude is what that counts at last. Most important, remember, apologize and express gratitude to the Almighty for having you under his shelter. All the best people.

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