Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) degree is gaining more popularity with each passing year and it is marketed as the most sought  after course for all the solutions to your career and bank account. Before you invest around 20-25,000Rs every year on the course, don’t be fooled and know what you are getting into.

Mumbai University has troubled the BMS course students by last minute changes in the course curriculum, delay in declaring the results and publishing worst results ever by failing 49% of 11,000 Third Year Bachelor of Management Students of 2013-14 batch. The only question that arises in each and every 30,000 students’ mind – Is BMS worth all the trouble and anxiety? As 12th standard students are gearing up for their finals and planning to pursue a Bachelor in Management studies, we bring to you some known and unknown shockers of BMS degree course!


Let’s take a look at the top 5 Myths of BMS course:

Myth 1 – If you have taken up a course in management i.e. BMS, then you are ought to make money.

Fact – Majority of the students who plan to do BMS thinking that after getting the BMS degree, you will be promoted as a manager and your boss will throw money at you.

With so many professional courses and job seekers, there are less jobs and without any experience, you will not be considered as different. The knowledge you acquire from the course is more important and valuable than the degree. BMS is not the road to higher packages without any experience and knowledge.


Myth 2 – BMS will help you to startup or support your dad’s business:

Fact – Students who have their dad’s business or aspire to become businessmen/women in nearby future feel that BMS can help them to become successful business entrepreneurs. Well, had it been the case Mumbai University wouldn’t appoint a faculty who teaches Maths, Economics or any subjects in B.Com to also teach you Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Out of 150, there are hardly 20 BMS colleges who have better college facilities, faculties, seminars, invite guest lecturers from corporate and business world. BMS course is lacking in teaching students how to be business owners. The course structure and syllabus itself doesn’t have the real facts of business world. Ask any BMS student how to find accountants and attorneys, how to do your taxes, how to protect your money and they would give a confused look. What BMS course as such makes you is a “donkey” who knows how to complete assignments, score marks in internal and external exams and how to write exams in 2 hours. BMS provides a labor force and does not create a new generation of wealthy individuals.


Myth 3 – BMS will teach how to be an effective leader:

Fact – A person who is already a born leader would never require any extra efforts or for that matter any course to brush his leadership skills. For him/her, leadership is in every aspect of life and you would witness it in all the activities he/she takes up and become successful. For students who feel leadership can be learned by remembering information from a textbook (Written few decades back), attending motivational seminars and scoring “O” grade in your marksheet, then you need a WAKEUP call. You would really disappointed when you realize that you have not graduated as a ‘Leader’ but as a person who has ‘Passed’ in his degree.


Myth 4 – BMS course will give you 100% Job Guarantee:

Fact – Again with 150 BMS colleges in Mumbai, hardly 10-15 colleges have proper working Placement cell. The college may claim when you take the admission that the ex-students/alumni were placed and they have 100% placement record, don’t get fooled unless you talk to atleast a couple of average students who passed out from that college. People who are good in academics may not get self-motivated go-getters and vice-versa. BMS colleges do conduct networking events or college festivals or career fairs to bring business people, employers and students together but the course doesn’t teach the basics of positive human interaction like listening and interacting, business principles like taking ownership. Neither the blame goes to the college for just bringing people together or to the students who take up the course but the fact is there are still a high number of BMS students graduating from good as well as worst BMS colleges unemployed as their basics are not correct.


Myth 5 – BMS degree helps you to earn reputation in today’s world:

It is a fact that the BMS course teaches you how to help other people make money and not how you can be rich yourself. If you take a survey of the number of students who have graduated BMS and started on their own, the number is very small. These days employers are more self-interested and they don’t care about people who can give them a business idea but instead want people who can work on their ideas. All the richest people of India or for that matter Mumbai itself are not the ones who have done BMS or studied a management course. The time you put to study a BMS course i.e. 3 years is the time when leaders already have experimented a lot in their business and created a rags to rich story. BMS course structure asks a student to try to study the books in the library to understand business instead of moving around and finding what’s happening in the business world then how can they gain skills to enhance businesses?



Still don’t believe us? Go and ask your seniors if we are lying! 😉


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