The Vampire Diaries Will Go Desi Now


Yes you read it right there is going to be new TV show called -FANAAH-An impossible love story on MTV, 21st of July. Before you read it please do check out the trailer yourselves, Click here—

Hope so after watching the trailer your expectations are not high as they were before watching the trailer. Shout-out to the makers of Fanaah we really don’t need another PKYEK. The makers Should keep the following things in mind if they really want the Indian TVD fans to like it (it seems impossible though).

  • FANGS: The most important of all make the fangs look more realistic (P.S. actually make everything look realistic) not like they are about to fall off any second.


  • Were-DOG?? Seriously rethink if you are going to use a dog in replacement of wolves. Come on ! no shape shifter has ever turned into a dog in any TV show.


  • Speed: Don’t you guys think the vampires are bit too very slow. Seems like  he is running in slow motion. And growling in every two second.


  • Cliché Vamps: The antagonist shouldn’t sound very monotonous and predictable.




  • Costumes: We live in 21st century and the antagonist or protagonist don’t dress to show we are villains or heroes. They should try make them look normal with normal clothes.


  • Doppelganger : Looking forward to view Indian version of Nina Dobrev (Elina Gilbert/Katrina Petrova/ Amora) .


Fanaah has Ratan Rajput and Karan Kundra in the lead roles. The show has been modified to suit Indian tastes with Tadka. 




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