The Urban-Rural Tussle : What Lifestyle Would You Pick?


It is a firm belief of people that there is a lot of difference between the life in a city and that in a village. Also, with the speed at which technology is picking up in today’s fast paced world, there has been a very rapid growth in urbanization and people have started to migrate into the city on a large scale.

This craze has had a very big role to play in widening the gap between the village and the city which has made the people living in the village lead a completely different lifestyle from that of the city people.



No doubt, city has a lot of luxury and comfort to offer. The cosmopolitans there believe in sophistication and have an aristocratic personality. There is ease in transportation, communication, electricity, medical facilities and what not! With the new technologies and gadgets coming up, the everyday issues and daily chores have become much more efficient. There is tremendous scope of opportunities for people here. The education facilities are widespread too.

With the growth of industrialization, everything has now become very commercial and corporate. People here are very money minded and have a very practical approach towards their life. They think logically, are visionaries and have a rational mindset.


Village people on the other hand have a different life. These are those areas where nature resides in its purest form. The people here are very sensitive and emotional. They believe in staying together with their families with harmony. They hold on very firmly to their base and hence believe in living a simple and modest life. They have adapted themselves to the surroundings and they do most of the work manually without the use of technology. This usually makes their work a lot harder but because the money-flow in the village is not very large, there is very little scope for earning; hence people are generally poor.

The facilities are very limited as compared to that of the city. The people here by nature are very innocent and honest unlike the manipulative nature of the city dwellers. They are very creative because even with limited resources, they make the best out of waste. Village localities are basically filled with a lot of scenic beauty and they are usually very calm, peaceful and serene. People, to escape from their humdrum lives go to villages for a break or after they retire.

Basically, both are very different worlds-one filled with crowds, lights, sounds, cars, skyscrapers and other with trees, rivers, fountains, valleys and huts. The people who live in the city need a break from their monotonous lifestyle and hence there is an exchange of population for some time in both areas.

In my opinion, there should be such kind of unity in diversity so that both worlds can benefit from them and this would definitely reduce the gap. The urbanites should be more generous and open up their inventions in the rural sights and the natives should learn the art of adapting to a new environment. Creating a new surrounding with both lifestyles incorporated into one is definitely a better way of living.

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Poonam Gandhi


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