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“LIVING TOGETHER” means when a couple i.e. male and female are living together before marriage. In India, Bangalore is one of the place where living together is quite common. Bangalore people have adapted this way of living from western culture. We all know that India is copying culture from western countries e.g. clothes (western outfits like jeans, tops, skirts etc.). There is a saying when we adapt something, there is always a good and bad effect and that’s the reason Indian youth are into SMOKING and DRINKING.

According to Indian culture, living together is completely wrong. Infact in some societies, they don’t allow such couples to stay because they don’t want their kids to go in wrong way. Wanna know why Living together or Live-in relationships are good or bad?

Below are the few good reasons:

  • They can know each other’s likings and attitudes.
  • They try to adjust and understand each other.
  • Even if they think that he / she can’t live together, they can just end it up.
  • They come to know what kind of a person he / she is.


Below are the few bad reasons:

  • They get tempted for having sexual intercourse.
  • They miss the chance of getting engaged because once they decide to live together, it means they are engaged, only rings are not exchanged.
  • In case the girl gets pregnant, there is a tendency that the boy will leave the girl and go. The child get brought up without a father.

 relationship readiness

So, there are advantages and disadvantages of live-in relationships and we can see that more than 50% of couples who get divorced were basically the ones who used to have a live-in relationship before. Everything has its own side effects. So THINK WISELY BEFORE YOU ACT.


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