The Unreal Mask – WE ALL WEAR!!!



I seemed to realize this when my friend scolded me as I transferred some information to a friend regarding a short movie we were planning to make and working on. The person is nowhere connected to it far from the planet. My friend told me – you should have manipulated the truth. No one speaks the clear truth in today’s world. Whether it is a useful thing for you or not, whether it is beneficiary to you or not – just don’t speak the clear truth. Now if I go to my mom saying this she will 110 % agree with my friend because our Indian mothers blame everything on the “nazar” thing? – “nazar lag jayegi.” so better don’t reveal things to people.

We face this every day. Some are so used to it that they will still not realize what this article is about. Yes, they are completely into this, they do it and follow them as well. But some who are not used to it always feel it like a sought of rejection whenever they appeal for something. You ask your friend how his exam preparations is going – he will diplomatically say – I have just not started anything. And this same sentence last before the paper too. Does he think all are jerks? You haven’t opened your book and you are here all set ready to write your paper. What sought of competition is this? People hold different reviews to this too. When I asked some of my friends – they said if we reveal what we are studying they will imitate the same, or they will plan a schedule to beat us, or any such stuffs like that. What stupid kind of cold war is this?

Spilling beans only after things are done is the new thing this days. Or may be somewhat I am experiencing this days 😛 when the person has no far away connection with an issue… things can be disclosed right? Is this a superstition of our new generation or are we again going to the era of fear?

The NEXT related thing which supports the title is – things that stop us from being real. I am not saying about staying true to yourself or others. Now if I come out of a room and I see some identical FAR FRIEND of mine from my corner eyesight- won’t I again turn, see her whether she is the one I know – OR continue my walk, ignoring. Well, the second option is more accepted in a far friend case. J If I enter a room and see you, won’t I say a hello? Or pass a smile? Because that’s being real. Something what is genuine to do and a must do. We often see people lacking this REAL thing or even we sometimes fail to do so.

We all have that person to whom we see, follow, agree with – but never go and start a conversation. We want to be friends with her but we don’t tend to take the first step. The ego and other unnatural ghosts stop us. This holds true in 90% of women’s cases. Women are very well known to be less friendly with a stranger of the same sex, precisely. The two really appreciate some qualities of each other – but something stops them from breaking this wall and being friends.

We often see in newspaper how actresses bash at each other – which is really not true in reality. They are questioned on their every action letting them live in a nightmare. They may like one actresses but people make it a big different thing. Why? They can’t be real? Why do we knit this extra unreal feelings which do not exist? When it’s related to other person. Recently I read an actresses was questioned on wishing her rival a happy birthday. This is sick. People can’t wish birthdays if they are rivals? Or can’t they bade greeting when they see each other. This is the basic humanity we all do and must do every day. Because this is our culture. But these days’ people are neglecting this royal and beautiful qualities which is sad.

Genuinely not liking someone’s post even you really like it because it’s the PERSON who has posted it. I know this is psychology …but think on it. Isn’t this weird? On how we are unreal on so many things today. The era has beautifully changed but why are we killing the real persons from us?

There are people who are real and we all love to be with them. Who genuinely rush to you if they see you in a crowd, smile whenever they see you, greet and give you best wishes on your best days, praise you, give you suggestions on how things should be, help you every time and stay Raw and Real.

We need to be ourselves without thinking is it effecting our social pride. It will give you happiness if you want to do it. If you seriously don’t want to do a thing, no one is forcing you. But if you really want to wish a person or pass a smile – go ahead. The recipient will be happy and create a positive image about yourself. And you are already feeling good to do what you wanted.

So next time be real. Do what you feel like and crush the unwanted ghosts stopping you from doing it. The world is a place to share and smile. Make it happen. Make this world a better place to Live!




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