Depression – A Worst Phase In Life



Depression is a strong feeling of negativity and dissatisfaction. There may be many definitions of depression. But depression could be the most disastrous feeling. It can take a life. It is such a negative phase in life that it is something never to talk about. Recent news that we heard of Robin Williams the comedian and Hollywood actor who committed suicide, reports said he was depressed. We believe people who are funny and laugh a lot are the ones who are the most happiest and they really know how to live life and keep others happy and themselves. It is basically a false thought process.

Why do people laugh a lot and crack too many jokes:-

  • People make a fool out of themselves in order to keep others happy and probably divert their minds from the tensions that they are going through.
  • They probably do not want people to be depressed as well.
  • They want to keep the environment chirpy and happy.
  • They have the ability to make people laugh.
  • They are good at one liners or spontaneous jokes.
  • They possess the quality and the capability of being a comedian.
  • They have a carefree attitude and need not worry about what others think of themselves.

Every bod likes a happy and cheerful person. But we all cannot be happy and cheerful at all times. There are times when we feel low, depressed and sad. Where there is happiness there is sadness. Similarly we can’t always be happy we tend to feel low. Sometimes we suffer from mood swings. We ourselves don’t know what we feel and why are we feeling such a feeling. As confusing as it sounds it’s even more confusing to figure it out. It may be human nature to feel all possible type of feelings and variety is the spice of life it is but natural to have these different feelings.


When does depression attack us?

Firstly we need to understand what depression is. Merely feeling sad about something isn’t depression. Depression is a phase in life when you have crossed the feeling of sadness and you no longer feel like living. You want to die instead. It is the phase where you are completely negative about life and about living it. We all have our times of depression. Those of who have not yet felt it are lucky in fact. Depression takes place in times when you feel low so much so that you feel you are all alone in the world and there is no one left for you and there is absolutely no meaning why you are alive.

  • Depression attacks us when we lose someone we love be it a breakup or the loss of life.

Although both are different situations where one person is alive but losing them and the relationship you share with them is lost. Whereas death of a person is the person is never going to come back.

Both have the feeling of losing be it relationship or life.

  • When we lack the presence of God.

GOD is said to be the only one that is all around us and his presence is felt all around us. When we lack the presence of God in our mist we feel lonely and that emptiness fills in the gap where God is supposed to reside. When we fail to develop a connection with God and actually feel his love around us is when we really feel depressed.

  • When we lack positivity in our lives

Positivity is the kind of energy everyone must have. Positive energy is not something that you get from the market it is meant to be felt and built on your own. You need to induce positivity in your life. Positivity and prayer go hand in hand. When both things are there in life there is less worry, stress and no depression.

  • When you cannot forgive your own self

All of us do something bad that makes us feel guilty for the rest of our lives. We easily forgive others but many times we fail to realize that we do not forgive ourselves and die in self-pity. It is okay to make mistakes it may be bad accident and you have lost a friend but by not forgiving yourself you will only live a life of depression and hate yourself.

  • When you Hate yourself and some unfortunate things and relatives that you have

Many of us have an inferiority complex. We get so depressed and conscious about our looks, age, standard of living that it kills our confidence and leads us into the ocean of tears and depression. It is important to love and understand yourself and know that everyone is born different and everyone’s lives are different but we are all same in the eyes of the Lord.


Depression can attack anyone. May be your own mother you never know what mothers go through unless you step into her shoes. Sometimes you yourself realise that you have been depressed your whole life and suddenly you have a life that makes you realise all these years you were a loner. You were not motivated at all. You had no goals, no ambitions and no happiness in life.

What are the steps that help reduce depression?

  1. Watch some funny videos and shows that entertain people and make you laugh a lot
  2. Divert your mind by keeping yourself busy in other things.
  3. Do not think much about things that worry you.
  4. Pray at least twice a day.
  5. Exercise helps in boosting your energy.
  6. Eat healthy food
  7. Yoga is the best solution to most of your problems
  8. Have a good sex life. Getting intimate changes your mood and keeps you happy.
  9. Throw away all the negatives from your life.
  10. Read positive quotes and keep a positive thought.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Every situation that comes in our life is going to be lessons of life.




Carren Bryne

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BMS Team aims to help the BMS students all over Mumbai colleges, empower BMSites and revolutionize management education. If you wish to be a part of our core team, write to [email protected]


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