Tension for exams and then results!!!




Hey friends!! You might have experienced many and different things in your school and college life. But one experience would be common from the age of 6 to 20. What’s that? Every student’s worst enemy “EXAMS”. It was so difficult to live and enjoy your life happily because your worst enemy would always enter your life in every 6 months or once in a year. It was the most troubled times of your life and before exams arrive you suffer from the incurable fever whose medicines are not yet discovered “EXAM FEVER“. And you get frustrated and arrive to the most common conclusion “Why Are Exams Conducted?”

Once the exam dates are declared, you say “What! Exams, itna jaldi? The semester just started now”. Semester ends and  you get a preparatory leave and you start calling friends, plan for group studies, search for notes, curse yourself “kaash ek lecture baitha hota” and so on. Even when it comes to the notes, you would be more confused to pick up the correct notes because there would be many authors with many reference books related to a particular subject. At that time, you would find similar topics in different books written in different way making you more confused which to refer and which is the best and which if referred will fetch more marks. Again you break your head! You will start asking your friends, “Hey! Which book you refer? Which book has easy language and effective content?” You will ask 50 people and get 50 different answers.

Then comes Self-realization, you start making your own notes. By that time, you are left with few days or 1-2 days for exams. Forget making notes. Start mugging up so that you could vomit and write atleast something in your exams.

Exams are on. Before you arrive the examination hall, you will encounter your encouraging friend’s attack asking you the most common question which will irritate you even more, “Hey scholar! Padhke ho gaya na?” Then he would continue, “Arey yaar, mera kuch nahi hua. Aaj toh mera vaat hai. Mujhe darr lag raha hai… kt lag gaya toh…” The few minutes which you wanted to sincerely study before exam goes in listening to your friend’s sad story. You prepare yourself for the exam. Remember every possible God and pray before exams. You become very serious. After seeing the filled question paper, you become blank. You turn upside-down and think “Miane jo important questions kiya woh aaya hi nahi.” Then if luck is with you, some questions do come but it doesn’t happen most of the time. Then what you apply the Genius’s formula which states : “Relate the term ‘you don’t know’ with the term ‘you know’.” In this way, we complete the whole paper writing the answers somewhat same and fill in those blank sheets with some brilliant ideas. Haha. In this case, there  are some people who study from Day 1 and achieve good scores and there are some who get a big shock after seeing the question paper. These people write with frustration and it never makes better results. Then there are some cool and brilliant people like us who filled the papers with innovative concepts which are yet to be invented.

Exams over! Now you get a sigh of relief. Now comes the actual implementation of the concepts you learnt – planning, organizing, managing… what?? Your Best Friend “HOLIDAYS”. You have loads of fun and enjoy a lottt! But the days of leave disappear like a rainbow in the sky and now your life is darkened by the fear of RESULTS! Every student would have a similar expression on his face “TENSION”. At that time, your heart will ask several questions, “What will be the results? Whether I will be passed or not? Was the examiner a softhearted person and corrected my paper properly? If he didn’t, then what will happen?” Results arrive and your heart beats faster before you are handed over the mark sheets. If you pass, then your face blooms like a flower smiling and you feel being on cloud nine. Marks don’t bother you. Your only statement, “Arey yaar, main pass ho gaya” Now what about those who failed? For them, it’s a shock which they can’t bear and have nervous breakdowns. They would just think “If I was given few more marks, I would have passed.” They feel as if there is no future. Everything is finished.

Most of the people think those who passed in the exams are winners and those failed are losers. But friends, it’s not so. A loser is a person who fears to get up when he falls. An ant is a winner only when he tries to  get up everytime he fails – let it be twice, thrice or n number of times. The real learning of your life comes “NOW” when you take a decision which will prove to make you a winner or loser. If you give up, then u have lost it. But if you accept the challenge and is ready to face the obstacles bravely, then you are the REAL WINNER. Remember one thing that LIFE NEVER STOPS AND THIS WILL ALSO PASS AWAY.

Our future is not only dependent upon “Education and Studies” but there are many other options available in life. Yes, it’s true that a person should be well-educated to lead a successful life. But Exams don’t prove that you are educated or not. Remember friends, marks and passing in exams will not give a future. Future is in your hands. You have to mould it the way you want. You could be a good artist, dancer, singer or good at any particular field which interests you more. So make the habit to mould your knowledge and interest as your success key and you will see success is nowhere else, it’s with YOU. Just Enjoy with yourself!

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Indira L

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Indira L


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