TYBMS Sem 6 CBSGS (75:25) exams were conducted from 16th April 2015 to 24th April 2015.  This year, approximately 10,722 students had appeared for BMS (Sem VI) (CBSGS) (75:25) exams. As per the past trends, Mumbai University declares the TYBMS results 60 days after the exams.

  1. TYBMS Sem 6 results of the year 2010 was declared on 28th July 2010
  2. TYBMS sem 6 results of the year 2011 was declared on 29th June 2011
  3. TYBMS Sem 6 results of the year 2012 declared on 19th June 2012
  4. TYBMS Sem 6 results of the year 2013 declared on 20th June 2013
  5. TYBMS Sem 6 CBSGS Results 2014 declared on 18 July 2014

As per a recent report in TOI, the TYBMS Sem 6 CBSGS results are expected in the first week of July 2015. Although, there is no official confirmation date declared on Mumbai University website, we can expect the BMS Sem 6 CBSGS results of 75-25 format to be declared maximum by 20th July 2015. We will update the latest information on TYBMS 2015 results on this post / page. You can also check the information on the official website of Mumbai University. The process is described as below:

Steps to check the Result

  1. First visit the official website which is http://mu.ac.in/portal/
  2. There is an option of Results Section which is http://mu.ac.in/portal/examinationsresults/
  3. Click on that link and select “Results” tab which is http://mu.ac.in/portal/results/
  4. Click on that link and select “Commerce” section
  5. Results will be updated in above link soon


Please note:  

The information provided here is just indicative information and is provided on “as is” and “as available” basis. We make no claims on accuracy and reliability of the information.

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  1. fatema 5 years ago

    hamara rslt hmsha hi late q hota hai

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Fatema, number of BMS students is high as compared to other professional courses which is why BMS results are always late and declared after other courses.

  2. sush 5 years ago

    is it true that BMS results are going to be 45 days more late…..

  3. suraj 5 years ago

    The results of tybms 2015 sem 6 7,5:25 results are fake or true as a very huge number of people are failed as we as in some colleges the results of all students are comming as reserved.
    Is the present results ttue or not.

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Suraj, the results are not fake as they are updated on the old website of Mumbai university. With regards to results coming unsuccessful or reserved, the issue is being looked by the university officials and we will soon update you. So don’t worry and have patience.

      • suraj 5 years ago

        bms team asap please update me cause my result was really not expected to come out the way it has.so please update me asap

        • Author
          BMS Team 5 years ago

          Dear Suraj, as per sources, nothing can be concluded till the consolidated marksheet comes to your respective college.

  4. suraj 5 years ago

    sir please update me once everything from the university is finally done .
    regards suraj

  5. suraj 5 years ago

    Dear sir,today’s toi article says the revised results of tybms will be out soon.Could you confirm is it only of those people who’s results are comming like reserved or it even applies fkr those for whome its comming as unsuccessful
    I’ll definitely give my paper for revaluation if the results applies only to those for whome its comming as reserved.

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Suraj, please have patience and wait for the consolidated marksheets to arrive in your college.

  6. xyz 5 years ago

    Dear BMS team,
    Are these university people playing with our career.? unexpected results.!! Also in Operation research’s paper two of the questions were wrong & corrections were made later on. university have not given any marks for those question’s!!…
    Can you please update me on this issue.. i’ll be very grateful for your help…..

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear xyz, no such circular or official announcement has been updated about the correction of OR subject on MU website.

  7. sc 5 years ago

    i scored 21 marks in OR n i need 9 marks to clear. will i b getting 9 marks as a grace as the ordinance pass by mumbai university itself says that a candidate can get maximum 10 marks as a grace

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear SC, we just confirmed from the faculties that the ordinance link – http://archive.mu.ac.in/4.101.pdf is NOT VALID anymore.
      Grace marks completely depends on the results and the chairperson/Dean decides about giving grace marks to the students or not.

  8. Shahab 5 years ago

    YES…UNIVERSITY PLAYING WITH OUR COURRIER…..!! i gt 20 marks in OR…unexpected, Un beleivable…bcz i know what i wrote in Paper… i expect 55/75…. but the Result is Shocking with lot of Errors..& i got only 20 !! Guyz Raise ur voice Against University… !!! guyz wkeup….plzzz!!! university cannot play with our Futuure !!!rt ? so plzz raise ur voice !

  9. iqbal ahmed 5 years ago

    Shahab bro same condition here . ….if 20 marks is not given to the students who are failing in OR than it would be very much drawback for MU…..dear BMS team i request to plz put this things to MU and provide OR failures with 20 additional marks…..

  10. salman 5 years ago

    Right guyz…. i got A grade my total is 500 but i got 19 in OR….which is next to impossible…. i am in depression….! how can MU play with our Future !!!! M With you Shahab n Iqbal !

  11. Sayyed Manzar 5 years ago

    Unexpected result seriously iqbal you are right 30% student failed in O.R (Operation Research) please bms team do something you are last hope for us.everyone know about the errors which made in O.R paper so guyz raise your voice and show the student power.please bms team you are last hope for us.

  12. Ravi Kishan 5 years ago

    I Apologize for those who failed in BMS this year even my brother failed in O.R and he is in a big trauma because of mumbai university. student failed and this is not small Issue because of mumbai university silly errors there are lots of students who failed in O.R paper. This is not done and I will do something like that mumbai university will be shocked to know about that.

  13. mehevish 5 years ago

    Dear bms team, I’ve attempt full 75marks paper in OR subject how can mumbai university can give just 9marks.. I’m so confident about my aagar 2 2 marks bhi sums ko dege still I should get between 30 to 35..what kind of checking is this? Just because v r dependent on them they can play with r future? The most worst education system v have..n revaluation k n KT ka fees bharne bolte h agar revaluation m pass hogae toh KT kya fees will they return..sabh paise khaane baithe h..v work hard whole n in friction of time MU ruin r whole future

  14. Shahab 5 years ago

    u just dont worry Ravi dude…. v vll show dem what v can do !!!!

  15. Subin 5 years ago

    The MU has caused bms ty students a big shock with the declared results…there was some error in the question paper in OR which was latr on corrected at the end of the exam section…later on it was said that the MU would be giving marks for those who attended those questions as there was an error in the question paper…however no action was taken for the same and this caused many students to fail in exams(30% of students failed in OR)…MU please have a serious look into this situation as it is our careers which is on line…if it is a mistake from your side we request to you… please rectify it as soon as possible.

  16. Ashish 5 years ago

    MU don’t play with my future. …i got 20 marks in OR…rectify the error of 20 marks plz or else it would br great problem 4 me…and I scored 71% but OR ruined me…as per MARATHI newspaper article. …20 marks will b given who have been failed…..i m waiting 4 dat

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Ashish, do you have the link of the marathi newspaper article where it was stated so? We would appreciate if you could send a screenshot or give us the link so that we can refer it.

  17. Miss Shaikh 5 years ago

    these ppl didn’t evn checkd my ppr I guess…giving 3mrks in OR…wat crap…I attemptd d whole ppr.. were they too lazy to evn check.. damn evn m a teachr.. v guys mk future of our children… dnt ruin it like this… students prepare so mch v expct so much n we gt this… nt evry1 of us r so rich to feed this ppl wid reval n kt fees agn n agn…!!
    BMS team shud cm up n help to bring us out of this trauma.. saving all time money n energy of students…

  18. atit 5 years ago

    Mujhe if mai 15marks mile hai 15 or chahiye mere sare papr acche gaye hai this is nt fare mere clg mai sab if mai fail hue hai nd mujhe ab tak koi kt nai lagi hai aisa karoge hamesha sabko fail karoge toh like student ke carier bekar ho jayega sem 5mak bhi aisa kiya sabke sath aisa ye kya sab faltu giri hai sab itni mahnet se papr likhte hai nd last mai result fail toh this is nt fair.

  19. shahbaz 5 years ago

    Yes even I failed in O.R guyss and this is because of mumbai university. I just want to ask one question why are you playing with us mu you better know that you spoil our future because of that error many students failed you know better than us who is responsible .Bms team help us

  20. sonali mishra 5 years ago

    Yes right. I got 430 out of 700 but failed in O.R. I am waiting for my marksheet may be they will give me grace marks so waiting for my marksheet finger crossed.

  21. harpreet singh 5 years ago

    Mumbai university management is worst .error in O.r paper then problem in result . First do one thing MU change the management because of them this is happening and it affect your goodwill. Mumbai university worst .

  22. iqbal ahmed 5 years ago

    Yeah all my dear friends its OR subject in which error is rectified and according to it No action has been taken by SO CALLED MU….MU u can’t play wid r future yaar….atleast in OR paper 20 Marks should be given to the students who are failing . …..all students are hoping positive news regarding OR …

  23. sc 5 years ago

    mumbai university pls take a action on it

  24. rahul 5 years ago

    Yes MU you have to take positive action regarding OR subject. ..you are ruining nearly around 3000 students out of 10000 students failing in OR. ..you have to take severe action of giving 20 marks to the students who are failing in OR BECAUSE all can’t fail only in OR…MU its your correction error in OR admit it and provide us with 20 ADDITIONAL marks to the students who are failing in OR…..MU plz

  25. Shahab 5 years ago

    guyzz If MU ddint Take any Step…. den M plannig to File a Petition Against MU in Change.org…!!! if v vll fight together na den dey have to take serious Step…!! They Cannot play with our Future guyzz…with Our Courrier……!!! v have to pressurise MU !!
    Lets Fight Together… n tag your freindz with ds hashtag…. #Raiseyourvoice !!!

  26. rahul 5 years ago

    #Hashtag ….. shahab yaa….i support you…20 marks has to be given by MU….coz dat was something error 4 which v r facing the problem. …i m with u and i support u……MU help us….its a request. …and SHAHAB i support u (Y)

  27. Shahab 5 years ago

    #Raiseyourvoice….. !!!!!! ty Iqbal…! dont Worry v vill show dem….What v can do !

  28. Simran Kaur 5 years ago

    Seriously if you want to do something then spread this news on social networking sites and seriously it is very helpful for you may be media took a action and publish this thing on news after that mumbai university definitely give marks in o.r paper which is very useful for all. Because 3000 student failed in o.r means because of that error which is wrong mumbai university dont spoil students future because of your silly errors they are facing a lot I must tell you all the worst result of bms this year because of mumbai university.

  29. Author
    BMS Team 5 years ago

    Dear Iqbal, thanks for the newspaper article.

  30. Shahab 5 years ago

    BMS team u r supportive i can c ur Effort……Now 1 thing only i wanted to Know k…..WHEN MU WILL ANNOUNCE 20 MARKS in OR ?
    U got all d evidence….rt ? now BMS TEAM….its 1000% possible to get 20 marks in OR ..BMS TEAM according to u When we get Confirmation from MU…..? Any Idea ?? bcz i have to take MBA admission in couple of dayz !!!

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Shahab, we are checking the news articles and getting in touch with faculties. We will let you know whatever information we get from the professors or media if MU is going to give you grace marks or 20 marks because till now there is no official announcement on Mumbai University website about any such rectification of errors.

  31. Nahid 5 years ago

    Bms team you guys all know about that errors in O.R . Only 18 mks in O.R waste my carrier I never failed from 1st sem to 5th sem… do something please……!

  32. simran kaur 5 years ago

    Is it true that who scored more than 401 or above will get 10 marks as grace and what about thoae who need 12 to 15 marks

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Simran, we just confirmed from the faculties that the ordinance link – http://archive.mu.ac.in/4.101.pdf is not VALID anymore.
      Grace marks completely depends on the results and the chairperson/Dean decides about giving grace marks to the students or not.

  33. Author
    BMS Team 5 years ago

    Dear all,
    Here is an update which we have got from our sources:
    1) Consolidated marksheets are expected to arrive in BMS colleges after 15 days.
    2) The marks that are displayed online in the results link are final.
    3) Ordinance about Grace marks (http://archive.mu.ac.in/4.101.pdf) is NOT valid anymore.
    4) The date of the ATKT and revaluation form filling depends on the college. Every college shall remove a notice and gives their dates within which students need to do the needful.
    5) Grace marks to be given to the student completely depends on the results and the chairperson and Dean decides it.
    6) Regarding rectification of the OR goofup, our sources doubt if anything can happen now. They think there is no chance to it now as there is no update or confirmation from the Mumbai University regarding the same. Whatever claims or reports written in media about it doesn’t hold value as university has not declared anything officially on its website.

  34. iqbal ahmed 5 years ago

    Please BMS TEAM……..do the favour of providing JUSTICE in OR paper by giving us 20 marks. …..i had even sent you article of MARATHI newspaper (LOKSATTAA)……plz inform us asap with the good news of 20 marks in OR

  35. Shahab 5 years ago

    this is not fare,,…not at all…!! m going to file petition against MU in change.org….!! n planning to complain in PTI !!! ik wat t i did nd how much i deserve…!!!! now…..Wait nd Watch MU !

  36. simran kaur 5 years ago

    Thanks for the reply bms team , but 30% student failed in O.R which is not a small thing because of that error student failed even you guys know that atleast they have to pass the student who attempt that question because they are responsible for that so please you are last hope for us. Thank you

  37. Author
    BMS Team 5 years ago

    Dear all,
    We have put up your views in this article:
    It is a request to all the aggrieved TYBMS students to go through the voices and spread the word such that the same message reaches Mumbai University repeatedly and this gross injustice comes to an end.

  38. iqbal ahmed 5 years ago


    TEAM BMS dis is th page created by all of us…. GUYS do like and share ur views regarding OR goofups

  39. Shahab 5 years ago

    idk wat u want n…. y r u playing with us ? v r asking for dat marks which we deserve…!!! u knw about d OR Error…
    @ the time of paper MU promised for the marks….if v attend the goofup questions..!! but now v ddnt gt !!
    so plzzz hep us…!!!

  40. Abhishek 5 years ago

    Is Mumbai university accepting revaluation below 10 marks? Please atleast help with this

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Dear Abhishek, as per sources, the university is not accepting revaluation for marks below 10.

  41. shoaib chouhan 5 years ago

    when the revaluation results are going to be declared ??

  42. shoaib chouhan 5 years ago

    as u know very well that there was an error of 20 marks in or paper so is there any chances that they will provide that 20 marks at the time of revaluation

  43. eva 5 years ago

    can u pls let us know when the reveal results would be declared as 45days have already passes

  44. eva 5 years ago

    45 days have already passed how much more time will it take for reveal results

    • Author
      BMS Team 5 years ago

      Hello eva, revaluation results gets declared between 45 days to 6 months duration. So be prepared for atkt exams if the results are not declared before exams.

  45. Nabi 5 years ago

    Is Ty bms sem v old result of april 2015 declare or not. If Yes plz..share the link.

  46. nischita 5 years ago

    tybms sem 6 revaluation list was out but accept one subject FMO when gonna out this subject.. m waiting for the list

  47. Vishakha 5 years ago

    Dear BMS team,
    The revaluation reaults are out except mine…!! My seat no. Isn’t displayed in the reval result list… i had put my OR paper for reval n m very worried now as I wsnt able to fill up the KT forms…
    what would be the reason behind my seat no. Not being displayed..?? or its an another goofup by mu..
    Please help me as I am in a big trouble…

    • Abc 5 years ago

      Dear Vishaka,

      Please share the link here of the reval results for the semester 6 2015. It would be of great help.
      Thanks 🙂

      • Vishakha 5 years ago

        Dear Abc,
        Thanks for your reply bt another list came up a week later after the main reval list & the seat no. Which were missing in d previous list were included in the same.. so my problem is sorted out…

        • Abc 5 years ago

          Dear Vishakha,

          To check the marks of the reval of the sem 6, pls share the link if the reval result is already out for tybms sem 6 april 2015 exam. It will be of great help to check my roll no. too.. 🙂

          • Vishakha 5 years ago

            Hii Abc,
            sorry to inform u that I dnt have the link with me now, but u can check the results out on mu. Website itself..

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