Consumer Behaviour is subject that deals with the various stages a consumer has to go through before he purchases a product or service. Consumer Behaviour is a subject in SYBMS Semester 3. The subject has 60 lectures and 3 credit. Consumer Behaviour subject aims to develop an understanding about the consumer decision making process and its applications in marketing function of firms. The subject is meant to equip BMS students with basic knowledge about issues and dimensions of consumer behavior. Students are expected to develop the skill of understanding and analyzing consumer information and use it to create consumer oriented strategies.


Unit 1 – Introduction To Consumer Behaviour: 14 lectures

  1. Meaning of Consumer Behaviour, Features and Importance
  2. Types of Consumer (Institutional & Retail), Diversity of consumers and their behavior- Types Of Consumer Behavior
  3. Profiling the consumer and understanding their needs
  4. Consumer Involvement
  5. Application of Consumer Behavior knowledge in Marketing
  6. Consumer Decision Making Process and Determinants of Buyer Behaviour, factors affecting each stage, and Need recognition.

Unit 2 – Individual- Determinants of Consumer Behavior : 16 lectures

  1. Consumer Needs &Motivation (Theories – Maslow, Mc Cleland).
  2. Personality – Concept, Nature of personality, Freudian, non – Freudian and Trait theories, Personality Traits and it’s Marketing significance, Product personality and brand personification.
  3. Self Concept – Concept
  4. Consumer Perception
  5. Learning – Theory, Nature of Consumer Attitudes, Consumer Attitude Formation & Change.
  6. Attitude – Concept of attitude

Unit 3 – Environmental Determinants of Consumer Behavior : 15 lectures

  1. Family Influences on Buyer Behaviour,
  2. Roles of different members, needs perceived and evaluation rules. Factors affecting the need of the family, family life cycle stage and size.
  3. Social Class and Influences.
  4. Group Dynamics & Consumer Reference Groups, Social Class & Consumer Behavior – Reference Groups, Opinion Leaders and Social Influences In-group versus out-group influences, role of opinion leaders in diffusion of innovation and in purchase process.
  5. Cultural Influences on Consumer Behaviour Understanding cultural and sub-cultural influences on individual, norms and their role, customs, traditions and value system.

Unit 4 – Consumer decision making models and New Trends : 15 lectures

  1. Consumer Decision making models: Howard Sheth Model, Engel Blackwell, Miniard Model, Nicosia Models of Consumer Decision Making
  2. Diffusion of innovations Process of Diffusion and Adoption, Innovation, Decision process, Innovator profiles
  3. E-Buying behavior The E-buyer vis-a vis the Brick and Mortar buyer, Influences on E-buying


Reference Books

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  7. Nair, Suja R- Consumer Behaviour in Indian Perspective


SYBMS Sem 3 syllabus

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