Our ancestors have taught us great philosophies, principles and values which can make our thoughts wider and divine. For example, Nearly 750 yrs. ago, a Great Divine personality considered to be an Avatar of Lord Vishnu- ‘Saint Dnyaneshwar’ in his ‘Pasayadan’ explained the thought of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ i.e. ‘Universal brotherhood’. It meant that for the survival of this world, the survival of the link between the God’s creations is inevitable. In ancient time, this was followed by everyone.


But with technological, philosophical and sociological changes, the boundaries of the human thoughts have shrunken.  The wide concept of ‘Universal Brotherhood’ has become narrow and has influence of vulgarity, nuisance, modesty, selfishness and gave birth to discrimination and enmity.  Due to this our ‘Paradise has lost.’

People have started racing and their life has become a track for them to achieve success.  But they have forgotten that while racing, they are destroying the lives of many creatures other than them.

In today’s world, All that glitters is Gold’ has become the tag line.  A person has no time to share his views with the family but can share his views throughout the day on the ‘Social networking sites’ with his friends, may be known or unknown.He is engrossed in the virtual world.He is little bit worried about his relationships in actual life. Mostly he need not feel it necessary to pay attention towards his real relationship with family members.

For his prosperity, Man has started devastating the world by cutting the trees from their roots and has polluted the nature as well as his thoughts.  He has forgotten that ‘Nature is the gift of god which complements our life’.  Under the name of religion, he has started discrimination by caste, sex, class etc.  For him the parents who gave him birth have become an unavoidable burden.  He has made them homeless.  He has started thinking that he is superior and all other creatures are inferior. There are differences within us on the basis of race, creed, nationality, language, economic background but we say that ‘We all are one’.  I strongly criticize this type of hypocrisy in the name of ‘Universal brotherhood’.Our such attitude has also affected the other creatures.

e.g., People rear breed of dogs to show off but ignore the homeless dogs who too need a pat of love.  This is the reason for the homeless dogs to be titled as the ‘Stray dogs.’

 thoughts dimensions


I don’t say that we must not keep pace with this dynamic world, full of cultural, social, technological and economical changes.  I mean to say that while doing so, we must be in our limits.  At the same time, our dimensions of thoughts must widen.  Rather than following the principles of ego, dictatorship, selfishness etc. we must follow the Principles of ‘Justice’, ‘Live and let live’ and ‘Universal brotherhood.’  We are part of this world and not apart from this world.  We must remove our modest thoughts as ‘Modesty is a slow killer’.

“It’s not about what we build, It’s about for whom we build.”

We are not successful when we achieve success; we become successful when we live our life to the fullest, for others and achieve a sanctified death and when we are remembered for our life.

We forget old concepts and accept the new ones.  But remember – ‘Old is gold and New is diamond’.  And without a baseof gold, diamond cannot stand alone.  Thus, I mean to say that our new thoughts, ideologies, associates etc. must go hand in hand with the old ones.

“Let the new rays of humanity,

Brighten our way

To widen the dimensions of thoughts

And begin a ‘New Day’.”







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