The Journey Of A Successful BMS Content Writer Intern – Ms. Shreya Karania



1) Tell us about yourself

Ans-I am an ordinary girl pursuing BMS degree to become an MBA graduate in near future.

2) How and when did you get started with writing?

Ans-There was no specific time period when I got started with writing but during the high school phase my writing skills were brushed up by the school itself.

3) What are your favourite books – and why?

Ans-My favourite books-

  • ‘Arjuna-Saga Of Pandava Warrior Prince’ written by Anuja Chandrapouli (because of the story of prince Arjun narrated right from the scratch with the background of Mahabharat)
  • ‘Swami and Friends’ and ‘Malgudi Days’ written by R. K. Narayan (because of the humour)

4) Favourite films?

Ans-My favourite films are Frozen, Life of Pi, Madagascar(all parts) and other films too like K3G, DDLJ, Dil Chahta Hai and Lootera.

5) Favourite Music?

Ans-I like soft music.

6) Give us 3 “Good to know” facts about you. Be creative.


  1. I am a complete introvert person.
  2. Writing and reading is my second hobby, first being travelling and eating.
  3. I am legally an adult but still get exam fevers.

7) Who has influenced you the most in your life? And Why?

Ans-The person who has influenced me the most is my mother, because she is the only teacher who has taught me life lessons without preaching rather by her own conduct and practise.

8) What next after the internship?

Ans-I shall start my internship as a travel content writer for The Wander Girls soon.

9) What tips would you like to give to the upcoming writers / interns of

Ans-One last touch-up tip that I would give is that a good presentation never fails to be the icing of the cake, besides the article that you write make sure that it is attractive enough to make you want to read more of the same style.

10) Your feedback/suggestions for

Ans- is a good platform for BMS students and also the internship programme is helpful as it gives experience on how social media works.



Shreya’s contribution to the BMS community can be checked in the below link:

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Shreya Karania
A first year management student from Mumbai.


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