So you are just another person working in a office making reports daily and inside of your there is a guy who wants to stop all this and just go out forever. Travelling is always a fun but to live a travelling life seems to be a bit difficult. Well it’s not really difficult when you are sightseeing, meeting new people, knowing different culture and having the most amazing moments every day. You just need some knowledge, motivation and enthusiasm to constantly travel.

Most important things you’ll need for living a life of traveler:

You love to travel and challenge yourself

You need to be motivated and have the desire

You need to have a good plan

You spend less and save more

You can live alone with freedom


Travelling anywhere gives you an awesome experience whether good or bad but you always learn something new so to travel you first need to know whether you love to travel and you can challenge yourself by visiting countries you have never been to.

You need to have motivation; you need to have a desire to live the life to the fullest because by travelling and visiting new places you are living your life the most.

Make a good plan of where you want to visit, best places, places that you love. To be a traveler is not that you visit tourist spots but it is to visit the depth of that country and live the culture. Make a plan where to go, how to go, rules and regulations, cheapest hotels, budget etc.


Read some travelers blogs to know how you can have the budget to travel. If you are not rich, obviously you will require financing yourself and it is possible by different ways to earning wherever you are. You can start a blog, start teaching languages and all in the places you visit you can also do small contract jobs to constantly earn something. A traveler lives less in luxuries of 5 star hotels so make sure you spend less.


Well if you have a family whom you have to take care then you has to fulfill your responsibility. May be complete your education, earn some money, make sure you have a good knowledge about travelling, safety instructions, these are important things you need to know. You also need to have the freedom and capability to adapt to situation and live alone and manage everything yourself.

Hot air balloon travel over Andaman sea

It is an amazing adventure to start a travel life so if you are thinking to have such a life doesn’t be scared just prepare yourself and enjoy the biggest adventure of your life.


– Jainam Jhaveri


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  1. Srikant Nair 6 years ago

    Does game development and graphic designing/animation have any value in India ?
    If NO then please suggest an appropriate career/courses ?
    I am pursuing TYBMS but i have an interest in visual media. like I KNOW to make banners/ advertisement/ concept design / product design/ animation/ crafting 3D models / animation and Game development. I was planing to do MBA in marketing/advertising . would i get a satisfaction if i joined this courses ??
    or are there any more alternatives ?

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