Quarterback Syndrome




   Ask my thoughts about the world, I would say it is a ‘Crusade towards a worthy Purpose’ but me of all people know that everyone is just rushing towards Power, Wealth, Priorities. Though no one could admit these words out loud, possibly to escape from vanity, I must say they name it as Love, Friends, and Family respectively.

First let me explain you to you what is Quarterback Syndrome; it is an in which a player keeps dribbling the ball for himself in order to score a goal under his name which may result in individual achievement but a team loss. It is mostly used American Football and other ball games.

A good example of it is in the movie ‘Chakde India’ which I assume every other Indian must have watched, and if not, I insist.

So basically almost all teenagers are at some point or the other influenced by Quarterback Syndrome because from what I have seen and observed is teenagers want some self-satisfaction in a form or two, we are an age who want to brag about what little we have achieved to everyone just to play pride and prejudice. I have seen people who are so much wasted in their superioity complex that they even realize they have humiliated the person beyond any extent.

Talking about the world in general, every person irrespective of their wealth or achievement has this paranoia about every other person who is a novice in the particular field is a victim of this syndrome, my point here is people just believe in them who have achieved something due to this the fresher or the junior never gets a chance to prove his/her worth in the work. Only the best gets all the goodness.

This may not be true in all cases because I believe the stereotypes have changed but deep down in our hearts we all know that I should be the leader, I should lead this thing, I should have command over everyone. It’s because habits can be changed, but people can’t be, We are the creatures of habit.


Ask me about the diagnosis of this syndrome, I would say leaders are not born, they can be anyone with proper skills, knowledge and understanding but the criteria is he/she should not be biased towards their decisions, they should pass on the ball when their time comes because with passing time our generation shifts gears, in order to keep the team going new recruits should be welcomed and put forward when they are ready to take responsibilities.




Mohammed Suratwala

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