Poor Infrastructure of India


India as we know is one of the fastest growing economies of the world, its second after China even Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is wooing   foreign Investors  with his “make in India” campaign ,but despite Educated youth ,cheap labor etc. but as we all know that India lacks Infrastructure facilities such as roads, electricity & transportation facilities which are essential need to woo Investors , as we can observe we lack way behind in it ,we  have bumpy  roads , `many roads have developed craters in it i.e “Black Mars “  narrowness being another  Problem , still we are unable to supply 24/7 electricity to rural areas .our transportation is way poor and lacks safety standards, our construction emphasizes delays and sometimes our buildings are built on poor raw materials . while the Chinese provide the  best infrastructural facilities at a cheaper cost , as we know that we don’t even have proper to toilets that can used by the poor , people in India have more phones than toilets these days , that’s why we can see people shitting adjacent to the rail tracks speaking of which ,India lacks proper railway facilities as well ,we can see that the Chinese have developed  bullet trains ,we are still stuck to our classy smelly locomotive and haven’t upgraded it since 50 years ,our stations can’t even be classified as it does not fall into European & American standards . the Chinese have city developments and redevelopment plans for the coming 100 years and it hand as successfully redeveloped old buildings from the 50s , while we are still stuck  on our buildings since 1947  and still haven’t redeveloped  our old buildings ,we fail to undertake a proper city planning into account ,the rural areas are very worse at par , some villages still don’t own Fridge .we still have a concept of kaccha houses in India while China has succeeded in converting its villages to cities .Any SEZ in China is given the best facilities at a cheaper cost which India has failed  to provide .Therefore, India can progress better by providing better Infrastructure and become a developed country .




Name – Rameez Wangde

College Name – K. P. B. Hinduja College

Course Name – BMS

Which year – SY

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