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Love is overrated. Especially where we stay, it a thing only for the rich. Money makes love work for you. There are many ways to express love. Hold hands, buy flowers, chocolates, hearts, balloons and all all the cheeky stuff that follows.
Thr expression of love or the way of it, varies from generation to generation. There was a time when love was confessed swaying around trees. Then came a time to hold hands. It was followed by the urge portray your love by showering gifts. An innate urgency to splurge on the one you love.
Intimacy is a part and parcel of love. Some choose to indulge in it and some do not. The generation today believes it to be an inevitable part of being in a relationship. And thus the urge to put it on display like a thing of pride. Public Display of Affection is very common in these days. The youngsters today are not afraid of anything. Thus the things which were done, once, in the confines of the four walls, are done so openly.
Something so private, grabs eyeballs on the roads. And there are places which are infamous for the same. Public parks are used the same way by couple who find it difficult to get a shelter.
There are countries like the USA, where PDA is legal. But, will India ever rise to legalize it? Are we that tolerable yet? But the question here arises is what drives this kind of behavior? Are we inspired by the Hollywood? But we certainly stay in no California.
– Kashmeera Tambe
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