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Most of us neglect the importance of clean nails.Little do we understand that neat and clean nails add to a professional touch and do make an impression on people just as other things matter.

Here are some tips and Warnings for you to keep in mind:-

1. Keep a good diet. This will help you with many other things, not just your nails.

2. When applying lotion to your hands make sure to rub some into and around your nails.

3. Keep your nails even. If you find that some of your nails are super long while the others are broken-off, trim or file them back to match.

4. Gently tap your nails on a hard surface such as a table. This can strengthen them.

5. Use as little nail polish remover as possible, and never use a polish remover with acetone in it.


6. Biting your nails will make them look ugly and uncared for, and can hurt if you bite too far! Use an anti-nail biting cream or polish on your fingernails, so that when you go to bite your nails it tastes bad. Once you get out of the habit, you can stop using the cream.

7. Trim your nails regularly, though how often will depend on how quickly your nails grow and how long you want them.

8. Soak your nails every other week or so in warm water and a moisturizing soap. Clean them using a soft nail brush. You can also soak your hands in some baby oil that has Vitamin E which would help to keep your hands soft.

9. Give yourself a mani-pedi at least once a month to keep your hands and feet looking nice. You can get a professional mani-pedi once in a while if you like, so long as you make sure the salon is sterile.

10. Use clear nail varnish as a base coat so the nail varnish you put on top doesn’t stain or discolor your nails.

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11. Painting your nails can help prevent splitting and cracking, but let your nails have a break once in a while. Having nail polish on all day every day will damage your nails.

12. Before bed, apply lotion to your hands and feet and put on cotton socks and cotton gloves. The gloves and socks will keep the lotion on, help it absorb, and keep it from getting on your sheets.

Toe nails are much tougher than finger nails. Every few weeks, soak the feet and scrub gently using a exfoliating shower gel. This will help toenails soften and help rough skin on the heels of feet. Don’t forget to use lotion to keep feet soft.

– Misbaah Mansuri

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