Must Read: 13 Neil Nitin Mukesh Hilarious Jokes on Twitter






  1. Alok Nath thanked Neil Nitin Mukesh…………………………….thrice!
  2. 3 mistakes of my life was originally Neil Nitin Mukesh’s dad’s autobiography.
  3. When Neil Nitin Mukesh draws a line, it becomes a triangle
  4. Q.How to get a hat trick in one ball? A.Dismiss Neil Nitin Mukesh
  5. Q. By what name Neil Nitin Mukesh’s wife will call him?
  6. Neil Nitin Mukesh too expressed his excitement about the jokes on him and he tweeted, “Seriously laughing that I am trending.some rather interesting ones out there .Re-tweeting my 7 Favourite. ENJOY!!!”
    He further tweeted his favourite jokes on him.
  7. When Neil Nitin Mukesh was a kid his nanny had to tell him 3 bed- time stories to make him sleep.
  8. Neil nitin mukesh ek teer se teen nishaal maarta hai
  9. What @NeilNMukesh can do but SRK or Salman can’t. Group discussion with himself 🙂
  10. Neil Nitin Mukesh is the only person involved in Love Triangle
  11. Neil Nitin Mukesh is always on conference call
  12. Ekta Kapoor started that “Nahi… Nahi…. Nahi…. ” in her daily soaps after she met Neil Nitin Mukhesh.
  13. When Neil Nitin Mukesh takes a selfie, it’s a family photo.

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