How To Deal With Abusive Relationship


There can be many forms of abuse. Whether you have embarrassed repeatedly, manipulated emotionally, humiliated or beated by your partner. Ways to deal with these kind of relationship is either to end it as soon as possible or make it a better relation to live in.



1. If you are a victim of physical or sexual assault then try to end the relation as soon as possible. If you are in danger then go to some hiding and call the police. Don’t try to have “the talk” until you have secured your protection.

If you are a victim of emotional harassment or you are getting humiliated by your partner then you can talk to your partner, attempt to show your partner how his behavior hurts you and damage you from inside. After that you can just hope that your partner can change his/her behavior to make you feel comfortable. If he/she still doesn’t changes then you are better off alone.

2. If you want to end the relationship immediately then plan it well before keeping it in front of your partner. Ending a relationship doesn’t mean that you doesn’t love your partner or he doesn’t love you, in most of the cases physical assault is because of the insecurity of the partner.

If you are scared of your partner while ending the relation don’t show that to him and its always better to inform about your plan to your other friends so that they can help you if situation goes bad. And if you feeling very uncomfortable with your partner at that place, just leave the venue.

3. Keep the document of the abuse. Even after the breakup if your partner tries to contact you by any means like by calls or online then those documents can be essential part of prosecuting and to give you reason to move on with your life.

Keep record of events that you need to prove in future like of photos of your injuries or complaints made by you, recorded voice of him threatening you and anything else which is relevant .

4. After breaking up, its really really difficult to move on with life because of the memories of those dreadful events. But its your job to reclaim your own life. It can take some time and things can get difficult for you but don’t give up and keep trying. That will be your only chance to have control of your own life again.      

Even after the breakup if your partner tries to contact you by any means like by calls or online then those documents can be essential part of prosecuting and to give you reason to move on with your life.

5. If your partner is holding your child or any of your financials that you can’t leave, you can always settle the custody at the time of legal proceedings. Don’t let  your partner intimate you or manipulate you further. Always prefer public place to talk to your partner, if possible make the meeting in the availability of legal authorities like lawyers or cops



6.Cases of relationship abuse can be very dangerous as it emotional stability,confidence level, your physical body. So try not to offer second chances after being separated. Do not attempt to contact or reconcile with your partner. Let him realize his mistake and this can be a strong message to other abusers.




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