Nearly the whole population has discussed with one another about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Nevertheless,”Abki Bar Modi Sarkar” had galvanized voters towards BJP.He was the man behind BJP’s crashing victory over Congress.

A majority of 336 seats in Lok Sabha nearly after 30years is a great achievement in itself. The sentiments of citizens are strong more than ever and that can be clearly reflected in the stock market. Though the whole country cannot function on basis of sentiments.

Mr. Modi’s focus in the first month has been on putting in place systems that are expected to streamline and fasten decision-making in the government. To that end, he has made it clear that he would restore confidence in the bureaucracy, entrust senior officials with taking decisions and also back them in the process. Modi’s sarkar looks like they have started to fix the pieces of India and in Modi’s rule, the nation will emerge as fastest  growing country in sectors of economics ,manufacturing and  technology.

People in India are more enthusiastic in Modi’s government compared to Congress government. People do hope that their needs get fulfilled by the PM and their faith towards him was instrumental in BJP’s biggest victory. As every coin has two sides,there are criticism on Modi’s sarkar such as the qualification of actor-turned-politician Smiti Irani,controversy over IB report on NGOs and so on. Modi sarkar overhauls labour laws dated just after the end of British rule. Government have agreed labour reforms to absorb 200 million jobs reaching working age over the next 2 decades.Officials at the labor ministry say this is a top priority in the government’s first 100 days in office. Although,the whole government has to work with a lot of motivation and stealth.

Did you know:

1) In 2009, 84% of India’s manufacturers employed fewer than 50 workers, compared to 25% in China, according to a study this year by consultancy firm McKinsey & Co.

2) The World Bank said in a 2014 report that India has one of the most rigid labor markets in the world and “although the regulations are meant to enhance the welfare of workers, they often have the opposite effect by encouraging firms to stay small and thus strict labor laws”.   

3)Manufacturing contributes just 15 percent to India’s nearly $2 trillion economy.Comparatively, manufacturing accounted for 45 percent of China’s GDP in 2012.(this is too low in my opinion)   

Now, Below is an online survey conducted by HT. The survey stated that voters are satisfied with Modi Sarkar after merely 30 days. The readers were asked 5 following questions online:






Speculations continue to round Modi Sarkar as a “failed govt” their determination to uplift India can be clearly seen. I do feel that in Modi’s governance India shall experience prosperity.

– Vatsal Doshi

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