Lonely Friend- The Necessity of Moving On




Someday, once, where an empty road went,

For the first time ever, our eyes had met.

It was morning time, a fresh day at a new school,

I slid right next to you, sitting there on a wooden stool.

You were old, I was new,

Slow and steady, a friendship began to brew.

But then one day this all had to end,

And here at last, sits your lonely friend…


Whenever I had to do an errand,

You would offer me a helping hand.

Obstacles and setbacks together we would solve,

Around our lives, camaraderie revolved.

The days passed, our attachment grew,

One day I realized, our bond was pure and true.

But then one day, this all had to end,

And here at last, sits your lonely friend…


Those were the days that still makes me beam,

Inseparable as always, we were a team.

We had our special place where the two of us were elated,

Where a “thank you” was refused, graceful apologies accepted.

We laughed, we enjoyed, we talked, we shared,

That no matter what happens, we always cared.

But then one day, this all had to end,

And here at last, sits your lonely friend…


One day you called, crying on the phone,

Said you were unhappy, wanted to leave home.

You disclosed your feelings and it was hard to control mine,

We opened up to each other, with a relieved and clear conscience.

That day, we held each other and wept and wept,

From now, we vowed, between us no secrets would be kept.

But then one day, this all had to end,

And here at last, sits your lonely friend…


And over the years, you had your new friends to show,

Unaware of the fact, that they were actually your foes.

A heavy advantage they took of yours, but you were too blind to see,

And even before I realized, you had easily believed them over me.

I never had thought that our friendship was so fragile,

This left me thinking in an atmosphere so hostile.

I tried to mend this, and we were friends again,

But between us, things never remained the same.

Gradually then, our friendship became an act of pretence,

To us, now, the word “sharing” didn’t make any sense.

And after all one day, this all had to end,

So here at last, sits your lonely friend…


What went wrong, I wish I would know,

To correct it, back to the past I would go.

Maybe of our friendship, we were not so sure,

Maybe our bond was not so pure,

Maybe this distance can never be cured,

Maybe this grief I’ll have to endure.

So then one day, this all had to end,

And here at last, sits your lonely friend…


But now I realize what happened was right,

It was God’s way to check will power and might.

Oh friend, for eternity, you’ll remain in my heart,

Of my life, our cherished memories will bear a part.

Bitter times forgotten and now I move ahead,

For a new challenging road, eliminating any dread.

Meeting new people, making new friends,

Avoiding previous mistakes, now that I’m experienced.

Life has opened for me new heights to soar,

Now your lonely friend is not lonely anymore.

– Anwesha Rath

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Poonam Gandhi


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