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Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. That connects so many people all over the world, country and the globe. It is so common to have a Facebook profile that everyone has at least one account well almost. There are a few anti-social people who do not like all this. Facebook brings lost lovers, old friends, close. It also helps you make new friends, associate with new people, find love. People even end up marriage on the basis of your Facebook profile picture later regret. Funny as it sounds Facebook has changed many lives than what modi Sarkar has done.

She’s always on Facebook that’s what all my friends, family and relatives tell me every time they meet me. Well Facebook is essential when you are doing nothing you are ‘face booking’. Face booking is the new word doesn’t quite know who really invented it. But Facebook has connected and helped people in so many ways. People who have been depressed in life have made friends on Facebook and are now happy. Facebook helps you find friends, you never know you may find your lover or Mr. Right on Facebook. You may secretly see what your crush is doing on Facebook.

Facebook helps you access peoples profiles and check out their where abouts and hang out places. You can have a look at your friend’s pictures or your stranger’s pictures and know the kind of life they live. You can come to know who is your friend’s friend and how close they are. In what all groups are you added and what set of friends you have and make? Something’s if you don’t know how to approach a person you approach him/her on Facebook. It gets simpler you dont have to face that person and it’s much easier to lie and even get things out of the persons mouth.


The very unique thing about Facebook is it helps you post what’s on your mind? And everybody does express what’s on their mind. They eat, sleep. Sing song; watch a movie or go to a place check-ins and updates can always be updated. Posting pictures and expressing love, friendship and gratitude on Facebook is a popular thing now. Facebook is now become like your personal diary that is no longer personal. You express a lot of feelings through Facebook. People immediately know what you are going through and how exactly you feel at times. We tend to develop a certain kind of resentment towards people and we express it on Facebook. We taunt people and almost haunt them by our status. The whole world almost knows everything that you are doing merely through your Facebook account. If your parents and family members are on Facebook you either have to block them or unfriend them or hide your timeline or pics from them. Facebook gives you the freedom to do stuff but you don’t really enjoy that freedom as so many people keep a track of what you are doing? Facebook knows more about you usually than what your family knows and so do others. All this is really risky people can stock you and harass you they can view your pics and update and may land up blackmailing you. Hence it is necessary to get your profile safe by adding some privacy settings. It is also not right to add unknown people as you never know how bad they can be and your pictures may be misused too.

It isn’t safe for young boys and girls as there are certain sex workers that approach you and may lead you into wrong. My old uncle who’s almost like a grandpa uses Facebook and knows the kind of feelings I have. Facebook has become such a modern approach that people prefer talking on Facebook rather than phone calls. WhatsApp is another pain that Facebook owner MARK ZUCKERBERG has bought. Facebook is very popular and so are hackers one should always be wear while using their accounts. Facebook is easily accessible. There is Facebook messenger that helps with your Facebook friends easily.


Everything seems to be a Facebook world. There was a time when after 2010 almost everyone were eager to be on Facebook. So many Indians teenagers, parent’s even grandparents are on Facebook. Technology sure has come and is being adapted by many people. Whenever I meet my mom’s friends they force my mom to click a picture with them and then they say I want to change my profile picture on Facebook. That’s when I give my mom a big stare and tell her mom everyone is on Facebook please learn how to use Facebook. My mother’s friend’s tag pictures of my mom on my fb profile and tell me to convey regards and wishes through fb. Facebook is one famous social networking site that even my mom is inclined to even though she does not have an fb account.

Facebook makes things so easy for people. They can easily know of your lifestyle purely by the pictures and people that you are tagged on. There are so many Facebook groups that make you have crazy friends most of them all may be very dangerous to your life. There are people with fake accounts too. They misuse your pictures, hack your account, message your friends and trouble them. We display our entire life on Facebook it may impact our career. Most people while going for an interview get rejected simply because the interviewer happens to access his/her Facebook account and may find out a total different personality on Facebook and of that while interviewing and may end up rejecting you. Be careful of whatever you upload on Facebook. It may be bad for your personal life as well as your professional life as well. Keeping a decent profile picture is necessary you never know who views your profile picture and you land up in big trouble as of in the corporates people avoid adding their boss on to Facebook as access to your account may lead to a different perception about the person and also may give in information about your whereabouts.


Carren Bryne.

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BMS Team aims to help the BMS students all over Mumbai colleges, empower BMSites and revolutionize management education. If you wish to be a part of our core team, write to [email protected]

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