Is it really okay to be lonely in this world ?

When I think about to this question my answer lies between YES and NO. This is because of the experiences I have faced in my life.

I know there are many people who might think I am wrong, but it all depends upon what you have experienced in your life.

I have an extrovert personality, I  always had this personality, but during my childhood there was no friend with me with whom I could share this personality.

Now, I am still the same extrovert person but now I have many friends who love my personality with whom I can share my joy and I can be myself.

When I was in elementary school I used to be a very lonely person. There were many reasons to it, I did not have many friends.

I always had parents besides me but when you are a kid and see your classmates having so many friends you tend to feel a little lonely.

This loneliness went away when I became friends with my very good friend during my school.

But till that time, the only friend I had were my books and my dance.

Now the generation is changing, speaking of generation with you all may seem that I am old, but No I am not old but generation gap is getting widened at a crazy rate. Even a person who is 4 years younger to me have different perception of things than me.

Making true good friends is becoming very difficult. As people are getting more and more practical, the concept of friendship is lost in this practicality.

You can make thousand friends, but it is really hard to make few good friends.

So if you feel that you are an introvert or you are an extrovert or it can be any reason due to which you are not making friends or people don’t want to be friends with you. Do not change your self to meet their standards. Be just the way you are.

It is better to be lonely than having friends who don’t like the real you.

Friends should be some who accept you just the way you are, with your flaws.

Same goes when you are in relationship as well. If your friends are dating and you feel you must date just because it is in trend or because your friends are dating, it doesn’t work that way.

There are kids who don’t even understand the meaning of being in a relationship and date just for the fun of it, just to show off and tell others that they are not lonely.

Being lonely can help you with your priorities as you will not have any distractions. On the other hand you might miss the chance of experiencing importance of friendship. This is not right.

If you think you will be lonely for lifetime then you are wrong. Life will give you ample of opportunities to make friends, when the time comes.

So it is never too late, Friends can be made at any time of your age so do not worry that. Just make sure you don’t make a mistake while selecting a friend who is wrong for you just to escape loneliness.

It is better to not have friends than having one bad friend. Try to befriend yourself, life will be much better. 

Do something which makes you happy to escape loneliness.

And always remember god has made one true good friend for everyone.






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I like to live life to the fullest , this is the reason why I love to write about various things in life and about life in general.

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