Why Today’s Youngster Is Looking At Freedom As The Most Essential Thing?


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Freedom means more than just ‘free to do whatever I want’.  Freedom can mean so many different things to many different people. We are all different, so the term “freedom” means something different to all of us. Teenagers want everything, they want money so that they can do whatever they want and they don’t want their parents to question them about it. Teenagers wanna be free. They wanna fly. They wanna explore the world. They don’t need your permission but want your guidance. If you give exactly what they want at some point or the other it is exploited or abused.

Experimenting is a part of life and its part of growing up. Teenagers should be allowed to try new things. They should be able to express their individuality and live life the way they want to. Life is too short to waste it living like a prisoner. Are we human beings or are we caged animals, because we feel like we’re stuck in a cage full of rules and regulations.

Like for example when a teenage kid wants to party every week and he /she doesn’t want their parents to question them and give them deadlines like by 11 you have to be back home and all its not possible but in case if a teenager wants to party in a week twice parents should allow them and you can ask them to be back home by 11 or so. Rules are meant to be broken, forbidding something makes the temptation that much greater. A parent’s job is to teach the difference between right and wrong, monitor behavior, discipline, love, and care for their child; but beyond all of those things, trust their child. The thing about trust is, it’s earned, and it’s easy to lose. Teenage kids want their parents to trust them with their freedom, but with the freedom comes responsibility. Teenagers are usually known to be irresponsible, to make mistakes. So how come can we trust them when there are so much temptation each and every place they go.

Not everyone will make same kind of mistakes. Parents have to trust their child enough to let them make their own mistakes. In case parents won’t give their children freedom they will do behind their back and parents won’t even come to know and when they come to know it will be too late. The best way is that be friendly with your kids and make them understand what is good and bad don’t just yell or shout at them. Teens don’t always deserve a large amount of freedom, but before a parent restricts all opportunities a teen has of trust, respect, and freedom, they should listen to the teen’s reasoning on everything they have  done. People make mistakes; it’s only human. But, after a teen makes a mistake, blowing up and restricting everything the teenager can do won’t stop them from doing anything. Teenagers will sneak around, lie, go behind backs, and not trust or respect their parents any more than their parents do them.

S0 what do you think should teens be given freedom? To a certain limit yes it should be given. Freedom can be abused by anyone. But, teens should be trusted with the freedom they deserve and a chance to explain when they make mistakes.

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Christina Kurian
Hi, i am a girl who lyk to mke frdz n do crazy stuff. I lyk to write poems, dance & play badminton. U cn knw me n my thinking throughout my article.....


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