• Tell us something about yourself

A guy who reads a lot, who thinks a lot, who finds solutions and problems and issues by reading, by analyzing, by seeing, by getting frustrated!

I am an MBA by degree, Entrepreneur by choice.


  • Tell us something about your business.

ShopKirana.com is an online Grocery(Kirana), Home-needs Hypermarket which is helping people to prioritize their life parts. It’s very simple. Drop us mail with your order, Text us your order or make an order on our website. We will reach you within next 16-18 hours with your items/products. You are getting everything online then why not your home-Ration? We are here to listen to you. To understand your needs and to help you do more interesting tasks / more important work than by going out and purchasing daily/monthly stuff for your home


  • What is your philosophy towards work?

I believe life is too short to wait things to happen. Just do it, if you fail, change the plan and do it all over again even if it means starting from the scratch but just do it right now because world is moving very, very fast and there are many crazy, morons like us who believe in the same thing, who is on the same boat. So just Do it. Don’t wait.


  • Whom do you admire as your role model? And why?

Frankly speaking, I get impressed from every individual I meet. My role model is not fixed but I admire many people. I admire people who start their own venture no matter how big or small they start. I just can’t stop admiring them.


  • “Management is core to every individual, organization & society.” Give your views on it.

True. Management is the core but when we start something from zero, when we run here and there for some cash to keep on moving, management doesn’t come in the picture at all. But that’s a very scary thing. Everything should be done with a proper management and planning. It reduces the chances of falling or failing.


  • Name 3 qualities of prime importance that a businessman should possess.

1. DO IT NOW: Just do it. Don’t worry too much about the results. Nobody is going to die from the outcomes.

2. Don’t Think : Don’t think about now, think about the future, about the changing behavior

3. No Special Love: Don’t fall in love (too much) with your idea, model or anything. Change everything if it is needed and admit the mistake or failure. It will help to overcome from the dreamy world and act smart


  • According to you, what are the challenges for Entrepreneurship today?

I feel people have idea, many idea and some of them are so dazzling that it’s just not digestible that they don’t start it. Because very less support is provided to entrepreneur. And I have a small example for that, I actually had to lie to my landlord that I am not an entrepreneur, I don’t run any business and then only he gave me the flat. They think people who are running business have not fixed income and lots of risk which is difficult to digest for someone who needs rent every month from you.


  • Can Entrepreneurship be taught in B-Schools/Management Institutes/Colleges?

If entrepreneurship can be taught by the dad, by the mom, by friends, by peers, by colleague, by founders himself, by gentlemen like Alok Kejriwal then why not in B-Schools? In-fact they should ask for a actual working product or app or an internet company instead of project reports..


  • Is the Name of the Institute from where a student pursues his/her Graduation/Post Graduation or other courses important while setting up your business?

Now this is funny question. Did you hear about RAMPURIA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE in Bikaner? I am from there. 🙂 )


  • Do you think today’s economy is conducive for a new venture to start upon?

When it was not conducive? Every year, every month, every day lots and lots of businesses, new idea comes in to this world with a dream in eyes, mind and heart to create the next big thing. And believe me, ask any entrepreneur he/she will tell you that it doesn’t matter whether the economy is conducive or not 🙂


  • “Earning more & more is the motive behind any business.” Is it justifiable?

Earning is very much necessary. It is the need to survive. But at some stage when we can complete our tasks easily, where we can live on some monthly budget easily, after that stage the motive should not be just money and money. It should be something related to changing or creating or innovating.


  • Share with us the most enjoyable moment you had experienced on work.

When I myself went to deliver products, there was this guy who asked –Are you the founder and I said” Yeah, and I deliver too… He is one of our loyal customers now 🙂


  •  Your feedback for BMS.co.in?

It’s a great platform. BMS.co.in is not only providing knowledge but also providing a platform where so many new startups, founders get to know each other by reading their stories and learn from them. BTW, I am one of your daily readers.

Keep going. Keep spreading. Keep flying.




  • History- Started in February 2013
  • Vision/Mission- To become PERSONAL KIRANA WALA/RATION WALA of every home
  • Products & Service- Grocery, cosmetics, home needs, bathroom care etc
  • Marketing Strategy- it changes every month. But right now we are concentrating on customer base as the margin is very, very low so we need to create a strong customer base which can help us in growing and adding more add on values and features fast
  • Existing Market Presence- We are in Indore and we making our base strong here before tapping another cities.
  • Future Plans- Cant disclose much but here is the simple idea- “To Receive order from 360 degree”


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I am Karan Mange, Assistant Manager- Social Media Initiatives at BMS.co.in currently studying TYBMS I am fun loving, extrovert, loves too much of talking, interacting with new people, exploring new places and many more. I go mad about music, especially sufi and classical. Interested in photography, graphic designing, media and music. want to explore world and see myself in the top management of a MNC.

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