Interview with Sonia Sharma, Co-founder and Managing Director, GoodWorkLabs Services Pvt. Ltd.





  • Tell us something about yourself?

I started out as a software engineer after graduating from UIIT, Shimla. Since then it has been a great journey. I love working with startups and after nearly a decade of startup experience in various domains, I went on to start my own firm. Planning new products, identifying roadmaps, working with customers to solve their technology /business problems and creating winning partnerships are my passions.



  • Tell us something about your venture. 

I head GoodWorkLabs,  a high-end software product consulting & delivery firm. We help companies / startup build software, mobile apps and gaming products. We are different from the vanilla services companies as we come with solid product building experience.

Most IT services companies fail to understand the needs of product building and do not possess the nitty-gritties of product lifecycle.  They also fail to deliver top-notch quality and UX. That’s when we come in. We hand hold every aspect of product building, including competitor analysis, feature set recommendation, product roadmap, technology stack analysis, identifying a team to execute, the right architecture, etc. And then we also take up an integral role in go-to market strategy, feedback loop from beta customers, fine-tuning the software / business model and ultimately helping the firm succeed.

In other cases, for bigger global clients who know what they want, we build software products and global teams for them to take advantage of talent in Bangalore and other cities in India.



  • What is your philosophy towards work?

I believe in excellence and delivering the best quality and it gets reflected towards the work we take up. The name of my company “GoodWorkLabs” reflects this philosophy



  • Whom do you admire as your role model? And why?

There is no particular person that I can pinpoint. I look for fine little qualities in everybody, in little moments in my life and take inspiration from people.



  • Name 3 qualities of prime importance that a women entrepreneur should possess.

Man or a woman, an entrepreneur should have these qualities:

1. Belief in themselves and confidence that they can change the world.

2. Passion

3. Perseverance



  • According to you, what are the challenges for Women Entrepreneurship today?

The biggest challenge is that of balancing personal and professional life. Women have the additional responsibility of raising the children and holding the family together. And this is not only in India, but around the globe. Modern men these days are definitely more supportive.


  • Can Entrepreneurship be taught in B-Schools/Management Institutes/Colleges?

Well, I never went to a B school and can’t really speak for it but I took a plunge and co- founded GoodWorkLabs. I never felt a need of doing an MBA. I am learning on job 🙂


  • Is the Name of the Institute from where a student pursues his/her Graduation/Post Graduation or other courses important while setting up your business?

Probably it gives you a good headstart but an institute name doesn’t guarantee your success. On other hand, a good alumni network provides you with necessary contacts to help in your business.


  • Do you think today’s economy is conducive for a new venture to start upon?

There will never be such a thing called perfect time. It’s a myth. ‘Now’ is always the best time to start your venture. Your venture needs to solve one of the zillion odd problems in the current economy.


  • “Earning more & more is the motive behind any business.” Is it justifiable?

I don’t see it as a problem unless you are earning money via unfair/illegal/immoral means. After all businesses are about making money. The way I look at it—the more business and growth your company achieves, the more employment you create, the more families your support, the more contribution you make towards your country and global economy.


  • Share with us the most enjoyable moment you had experienced on work.

Well, I cannot pinpoint a moment but I enjoyed setting up GoodWorkLabs. Setting up your own venture is like a journey of unknown… it’s full or anticipation, , fear of unknown, happiness and a lot of adrenaline rush 🙂


  • Your message to the aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be smart while starting up. If you are building a product company, create quick prototypes and get beta customers to validate the business model and product need. Connect with angels and other entrepreneurs. Be realistic in your approach and be lean in your burn rate. But at the end, passion and perseverance prevails everything else, because you will figure out a way to make your company successful. So just go for it and enjoy the journey.



GoodWorkLABS is a new-age boutique software lab that delivers cutting-edge products and solutions for customers globally. We are different in a number of ways, we take up only select projects and we are passionate about making your product super-successful. We are a pure AGILE company. We live, breathe and dream Scrum and Extreme Programming.

Most of our customers are companies and individuals who want to build innovative software and mobile products. We help them in every step of the process from ideation, architecture, design, coding, testing, user experience (UX), UI, go-to-market strategy, launch plans, post-launch analysis, customer feedback and continuous improvement of the product to win in their respective business segments. We are a powerhouse of hands-on end-to-end software product experience, very different from software services companies.


Service Description

GoodWorkLABS specializes in –
1. Mobile Apps Development
2. Software and Web Development
3. Games Development
4. Setting Up Offshore Development / Delivery Centres (ODC)


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