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  • Tell us something about yourself?

I’m the Founder & CEO at iNFOTYKE(infotyke.com), an IT startup- which deals with Web Development and Social Media. I hold an engineering degree in Information Technology from Galgotia College, Greater Noida. I started my first venture- Campus-Hosting, When I was in B.tech 2nd Year. Campus-Hosting was a platform for students to get their domain name and resume website. It was just starting point and a big way to understand the IT Businesses. So, finally In 2010, I started iNFOTYKE.


  • Tell us something about your business.

At iNFOTYKE, we’re working as an B2B model. Our Services includes Social Media, Web Development, Mobile Apps Development and Stand alone software. In last one year, apart from India we got many projects from UK, USA, Canada, Japan and Dubai and continue.

We believe in social responsibility that’s why we provide 50% Flat discount for ARMY, NAVY and AIR FORCE personals! (World Wide) on all kind of software/web development work, they have to submit their xerox copy of ID card on the time of Billing.


  • What is your philosophy towards work?

If you live each day as if it were your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.


  • Whom do you admire as your role model? And why?

My Clients are my role model. They give me confidence, energy and passion for ‘Can Do’ attitude. They always give true feedback- an opportunity to celebrate our victory and lesson to learn from mistake.


  • “Management is core to every individual, organization & society.” Give your views on it.

Management comes from Desire. Without management, A leader can’t even spell the leadership but, to manage the things you have to make plans and follow those plans to get the goal. It’s basic need to survive and win the world. Everyone has equal hours in a day but it comes from management that how to utilize our time. Time is priceless commodity and only reason for success whether it’s business or a normal Life.

If you can manage your time, you’re free to choose any dream because its gonna come true in real.


  • Name 3 qualities of prime importance that a businessman should possess.

As per my view, the 3 qualities are:

1.     Strong Desire with Patience

2.     Good Listener

3.     Never Give-up Attitude

I can still remember these lines- Anybody can be cool, Awesome takes practice. Just do from heart- things will come in your way! (Never Give-up Attitude)


  • According to you, what are the challenges for Entrepreneurship today?

Cost effective Infrastructure facilities are not easily available. In India, the Government norms should be easy to access so that one can understand the legal issue for a startup or small company. Another reason is that some people are talking about entrepreneurship Just because of freedom like you’re your own boss! Lemme clear one thing- In any business, starting 3-5 years- you have to forget your weekends and holidays. If you love your work- it’s very easy and adoptable also.


  • Can Entrepreneurship be taught in B-Schools/Management Institutes/Colleges?

Yes, If the teachers are themselves entrepreneurs and have a story to share and inspire students because only entrepreneurs can teach entrepreneurs-the School should be organized by entrepreneurs  and of-course entrepreneur don’t need any certifications or degree. It’s all about passion for dream and dedication for work.


  • Is the Name of the Institute from where a student pursues his/her Graduation/Post Graduation or other courses important while setting up your business?

I don’t think so. If your idea is big and you have proper solution and plan chart- it’s easy to attract the related resources and like minded people. It’s all about marketing- ideas and how to sell it.


  • Do you think today’s economy is conducive for a new venture to start upon?

In India, today’s economy is giving us the best opportunities to make our business strong. Whether it comes to man power or mentors- it’s easy to involve them. If I talk about IT sector in rural India- We have many ways to spread our business because its an initial phase.


  • “Earning more & more is the motive behind any business.” Is it justifiable?

We, Entrepreneurs should focus on value rather than money only. Of-course in profit based business, we’re charging money but our focus should always touch VFM (Value for Money). For Startup, it’s not easy to spend thousands Dollar on Ads or marketing team but very easy to get mouth-of-words lead through value based business deal with our on-going projects. As Henry Ford said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”


  • Share with us the most enjoyable moment you had experienced on work.

At my first venture Campus-Hosting- Mr. Sadik Khan (Our Campus relation Manager), Mr. Ravindar Kumar (Our Web Designer) and me, started to build our first and official website and we took the whole night and a day to build it up. That was really awesome moment because of limitless energy and much passion towards starting point of entrepreneurship. For now, every-time when we deliver our project- It’s really enjoyable to look great satisfaction through Clients eyes, it makes us strong to make more valuable work.


Awesome platform and very good resource to learn and inspire the entrepreneurship. As I have said in my earlier sentence that ‘entrepreneurs can teach entrepreneurs’ so this is what BMS is doing. I really appreciate the idea where you can also connect with like minded people.




History- Initially launched in 2010, when I was a college student

Vision/Mission- To provide customer friendly environment and deliver quality work.

Products & Service- IT- Services and Product, Social Media Services and web hosting/Domain names

Marketing Strategy- At iNFOTYKE, we believe to get more mouth-of-words and this method is working well for us. Also, It’s handy and free marketing tool. When you deliver a good quality it becomes a short way to call more clients.

Existing Market Presence- Online, World Wide

Future Plans- To Develop more quality products, worldwide. Start a social business related to iNFOTYKE.

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Ankita Dalvi

I am kinda person who lives a simple life. Manages to be happy in every situation and enjoys every bit of life
  1. Rishabh Gupta 7 years ago

    Thanks Ankita! It was really nice to talk to you! 🙂

  2. Ankita 2 years ago

    You’re welcome Sir!

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