Interview with Radhika Jajodia, BMS CR of Bhavan’s College, Andheri


“A Class Representative or a Class Rep is someone who serves as an example or type for others of the same classification, someone whom you can look up to.”


Learn about this inspiring student, also the Class Rep of her class through this exclusive interview. 🙂



NAME : Radhika A. Jajodia

COLLEGE : Bhavan’s College, Andheri

Q.1) 5 Interesting Facts About YOU:

1) Achievements / Skills / Knowledge (Academics & Extra-curricular):

  • GNIIT in Business Systems and Information Management- SAS
  • Secretary of Rotract club of Sathaye College (2011-12)
  • 3rd ranker in S.S.C in Podar School
  • 3 years training in Classical India Dance- Bharatanatyam
  • 1 month Diploma in Women Self Defence Course (W.S.D.C.)

2) What is your aim / philosophy of life?

Continuous Growth and Learning. Balancing between material life and spirituality. Dignity and peace of mind is essential along with reasonable financial prosperity.

 3) What are your future plans after BMS?

    Work experience, certain courses, and then masters/ MBA.

 4) What are your hobbies / likes?   

  • Socialising- Volunteer work, Temple activities
  • Health and Fitness- Exercising, Bicycling, Walking
  • Indulging in Creativity- Making Fine Art Items, Cooking
  • Learning New Things
  • Indulging in spiritual activities

 5) Any dislikes?

  • Un organized work
  • In punctuality

Q.2)  5 Fantastic Facts About Your BMS Life:

1) Positive / Negative things about your college?

 Positive- Huge Campus, Good infrastructure, Warm gentry

Negative- Lack of basic facilities like drinking water, soap & mirror in washrooms; Lack of speed in administrative work.


2) Positive / Negative things about your BMS course?

Positive- Develops Knowledge and gives insights in various fields of management; Various creative projects and presentations that play an essential role in developing the personality.

Negative- None observed.


 3) How has BMS course helped you to develop your personality? / What did you learn from BMS?

It has definitely enhanced my persona. Today, a stage fearing girl is a confident individual with excellent speaking and presenting skills. All thanks to the B.M.S course.


4) What are the changes you want to bring in the BMS course?

Certain subjects in different semesters are repetitive in content which I believe can be altered.


5) Share your favorite BMS / college memories?

Creative projects like- Setting up of a bank, Inception of a Resort, Creation of an NGO, etc. have really tickled the nerves of the brain and have been a great creative learning experience.  At the same time it has been a wonderful experience and a fun time doing these projects in groups with friends.


Q.3) What are the thoughts / advices / tips you would like to give to today’s youngsters?

 Enhance your knowledge and skills in your learning years. Apart from academic courses, always do 1 or 2 other extra courses that will enhance your profile.  Do not hesitate from hard work. Mental peace should be ensured in all situations.


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Food and Baking Enthusiast, An avid follower of the 80's music, fictional novels and The Hunger Games.

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Bushra Shaikh

Food and Baking Enthusiast, An avid follower of the 80's music, fictional novels and The Hunger Games.


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