How Travel Shapes You!



Getting out in my car wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts, hairs barely spreader and driving to my favorite place – feeling the cold soft breeze kissing my cheeks and playing with my hairs – the sunshine lightens me up and shrugs out my laziness- the green tress makes me fresh and live, the birds in the sky makes me remember that I am free. The sky simply chases me to go some more distance and never stop. The small children rippling in the lake water tells me how simplicity is the need of life. And living each moment is the real life. The people everywhere are so beautiful and kind. And then someone breaks my relief with a loud horn – signifying the unexpected obstacles of life. But I never stop, my journey never stops, my love with Travel never stops!

Travel shapes you. It uproots your real soul and leaves you free to merge with the beautiful environment. You mould and adjust and love this feeling of being a part of all pleasured things your eyes shows you.

Travel was just a tiredful journey to reach the destination when I was small. But this young age has revealed some more – much more strides of this beautiful world with travelling.


Whether it’s a Road travel or our trains – travelling teaches, enriches and is always fruitful.

The special and cozy factor about the Train Travelling is its core. It gives you a safe and homely feeling. It gives you comfort. What outstands Train Travel is the beautiful natural beauty outside those stringent rods of window. It’s Green, fresh and real. The Finger licking foods at halt railway stations is a must. It’s the same vadapav and idli chutney – but you know its India and it’s going to have a pinch of Difference and so you ought to buy it. The spicy bhel is famous everywhere and it’s a try every time because India is spicy! The people fumble everywhere like ants and get on the march as the siren blows off. This are some common things everyone experiences. But does all feel it too???

It’s when the atlas is not just an atlas – it’s the way of realizing how big the world is. Road trips are alluring again. Its pure intuition that determines which road to take next. The tragedy of travelling by plane and train is that you don’t get the enough space and the choice of where to stop. Road Travel enriches you.

One more bonus travel gives is the food variety. You get a chance to have the vast on your plate. Different cuisines, main courses and the unique dishes. It’s the best part for all food lover travelers. Mumbaikars have their hands wet at all Indian dishes but the other parts of India experiences this with travel while foreign diaries paint different food in every city. The classic cuisines completes the travel. The most common food you will find in the Indian menu are – Butter chicken, Tandoori Food, Naan, Paneer, Black Dal, Dum aloo, Biryani, Bhel Puri. This foods have travelled to every corner of India and is also being experimented well. While some food dishes are found only at its origin – whether the samosa of Punjab or the kosha mangsho of Kolkata. People rarely know about some dishes.

Also the way people live, their sense of fashion and dressing is a great noticeable factor. It feels you are changing your own culture as well. That’s what Travelling is – Surprises!

Travelling is always the very first thing contoured in the minds of Adventurers. Being at home and spending a snoring holiday – Naah, it’s strictly prohibited in the dictionary of adventure lovers. It’s a challenge every holiday. Travelling to unknown places and reaching the purposed destination is the big achievement and the happiness is satisfactory.

Travel always reveals the aspects of life. It teaches you a lot many things and your perception Changes. Here are some things I learnt with My Travel Journey.


1. There’s no shame in saying “I don’t Know”

We often feel ashamed of ourselves when we are not aware about a particular simple thing. People think it’s important for everyone to be aware of all Trending news. Well, when we travel and stuck on a road – there are people who cannot help us, they have no clue of the place they are been questioned. So is that a crime?


2. Get out From Your shoes.

There is no life with books, Home, Cellphones and your laptops. You need to get out of your house and be with the real people. Life is so much fun out. Listening to someone’s life story, spending a night on the mountain below the stars, navying on a small boat – that’s life.


3. Take Your Time.

It’s not important to take a decision quickly, remember the ones who do it quick do it worse. It’s okay to go slow and ease your life. Have your food slowly, keep quiet when someone explains and be aware of your breathing.


4. You can’t please everyone.

If you share your idea and views there will be people who will be pissed off from you. This is their problem, not yours. State your opinion and stick to it.


5. Make Mistakes.

It’s okay to make mistakes. It shows that you are trying. The attainment of the aim will be much more satisfactory and relaxing.


6. Dance and Sing Everywhere.

It’s the best way to be alive. Let all your problems be on the back and accept the alluring future. Enjoy the moment and learn. Learning never stops and Travel does it perfectly.

Travelling is versatile. It’s beautiful and you never know when you are lucky to experience a perfect click. You never know what the journey will teach you. You never know what person will you be when you return. You never know.

I just know – The travel is going to add another life in me and it will add some more every time I Travel.


–          SANGITA MAITY


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BMS Team aims to help the BMS students all over Mumbai colleges, empower BMSites and revolutionize management education. If you wish to be a part of our core team, write to [email protected]


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