Do You Also Have A Jealous Friend ???


jealous friend

In this world of cut-throat competition it sadly becomes obvious that people will inculcate the jealousy factor in them. People get jealous of their peers, friends, seniors, juniors, etc. you will find the jealous species residing everywhere. It may be your great presentation, or when you buy a brand new shirt, or when you share your success and excitement with your friends – you get a very downplay response and you realize what wrong did you do?? Of course there is nothing wrong with you but the friend you are being with. The jealous species are tendful to get jealous and hate you always.

Jealousy is a kind of a feeling which is coated by bitterness, enviousness and grudge. Constant Jealousy causes stress, frustration, irritation and many other disorders. So it’s always advisable to be a mile far from this stupid humanly created feeling. It’s about perception and so it differs from person to person. A person with good moral values will never inculcate this stupid and self-harming feelings, precisely. While the odd narrow minded ones usually get trapped into it.

But wait, the most scornful fact is to have a Jealous FRIEND. You have to sit, stand, eat, laugh, walk along with a friend who always has his 3rd eye open and is ready always to burn a fire in himself and barely shoot at you. He just finds an opportunity to be pleasured with the jealousy feeling whenever you do something which makes him insecure. Seriously – breaking up with such nerds is the best option on earth. But if you are on the dilemma bank – I really have pity on you. But the world has not ended. You need to know this people in order to deal with them. And even if you are lucky about not having a jealous friend – trust me, your jealous friend is not far from you. It’s true – in the long run you will face such humans and you will have no option but to deal with them.


Below are the ways to identify whether a friend is Jealous of you.


1. Insecure.

The minute you enter or any of your friend talks about you – this people immediately get insecure. You can clearly notice the change in them. It’s like the waves evolved in the still peaceful water due to a response. Now there are also some people who can manipulate their expressions – and remember they are the dangerous ones 😛


2. They will never appreciate you.

Whether you got a pat from your teacher or your new hairstyle is remarkable – this people will never ever take the initiative to compliment you neither will supplement the other compliments. Instead they will magnify your smallest and rarest nooks and crush you down. They just won’t miss a chance to mess you up.

Seriously Pathetic!


3. The unusual Response.

This people are aware of their jealousy factor and will try to always compensate the same. They will either welcome you with an unexpected big fake smile or wink you on an unusual lecture again. You can clearly understand there is something wrong with the person when it comes to you!


4. The transferred Credit.

No matter what, they will always transfer your amount of credit to someone else. The snap is good – it’s because of the editing effects, the dress is suiting you perfectly – it’s because of the lights, Got a new job – it’s because you have contacts. Again Pathetic!


5. Copy Cats.

You can easily point out that your friend is jealous of you if he/she copies you. If you bought a dress she has to buy a better or an expensive one. It’s because she is jealous and wants to win always with you in her mind’s race.




1.  Understand why the person is jealous.

You need to go to the foremost deep to understand any problem. It’s nothing different here. Analyze why does the person intend to act like this. Try to put yourself in the other person shoes. You can’t change someone’s feelings but you would be aware and feel free from a burden yourself.


2.  Gently confront the person.

If all other things aren’t working it’s time to talk to the person. Make sure you make a healthy conversation on this sensitive issue as no one will proudly boast off and accept “Yes, I am jealous of you my friend and I hate you”. Try to help the person and make him understand nothing is perfect and it is okay to have such feelings.



If confronting isn’t your cup of tea just ignore. It should not affect you as you are not the person suffering from and leave the person on his/her beliefs. Let all things take place on your back and just move to a happier and silent mode. Things will change and your friend might realize what he/she was suffering from. 😉


4. Let your friend know that they own no power over you.

Just built your confidence and blow off your hat. The show is all yours. Be yourself and enjoy your life as you were. Simply getting effected by someone’s vibes is not acceptable. Let your friend know that you belong to a supreme mindset and devastating you is just impossible. Our Ethics also teach us the same – the person who tries to harm us can never win, and this won’t affect you either. You will stay what you are.


5. Decide whether the relationship is worth keeping.

If the person’s jealousy is out of the box – you need to think about the worth of keeping the relation. If your friend is envious of you and this is bothering you, effecting you but you know it’s nowhere your fault – break up and move on. There is no use of caring and considering the person more.


6. End it before you get hurt.

Staying healthy but getting diseased due to someone else – is frustrating. You are been effected due to an another person and its really getting down your nerves now – you need to move on and prevent yourself from hurting. Knowing it’s not your fault will help you to deal with it more easily.

If you have a jealousy feeling for someone in your life – remember ensuring rent free places to this cheap issues in your brain only destroys your character. Let yourself free and believe there will be good people then you always. You need not get envy from them but learn from them. The world is about spreading Love!

And the ones who have a jealous friend just stay calm. You are superior!

Good Luck.



–          SANGITA MAITY.




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