The article of Inner Global warming is specially for the youth. Before that let us know about what Global warming is?


Global warming is today the most discussable topic on the Earth, in simple words Global warming means, when the earth’s surface area’s temperature arises and imbalance caused is called Global warming. Global warming not only has a touch with earth but also direct or indirect touch with Humans. There are Three layers of earth namely 1)Air 2)Land 3)Water, and Global warming occurs due to imbalance in these three layers let us see-

  • Air- When there is excessive usage of vehicles, the proportion of CO2
  • Land- India is an Agricultural Country almost 80% People perform farming activities, but nowadays due to usage of nitrogen oxide as Fertilizers, its deterioting the quality of land.
  • Water- It gets polluted when harmful contents like methane are released in the water bodies.

Due all the above activities the Impact falls on the North as well as South Poles as the glaciers have started melting due to which the sea level is increasing and spoiling the fresh water reserves. Every ten years it is said Mumbai city submerges by three inches, so its there for sure after some decades there will be no city called Mumbai existing in the world.

As Earth is facing Global warming and we are aware of its effects, similarly we humans also consist of FOUR layers they are,

  • Choices (mann), (2)Decision (Buddhi), (3)Memory (chitt) (4)Ego(Ahankar).

We human beings are the biggest slaves of these four Layers, when we don’t use them in a right way,

  • Choices- It means we human beings have a lots of choices our choices are never ending.
  • Decision- It is a very good gift for us if we us this power correctly.
  • Memory- Memory does the work of storing all the events and thought’s that happens or which have passed.
  • Ego- Human being should always show positivity and keep ego away!

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* Here, with an example you will understand this four layers of Human beings more correctly.

  • Suppose, you are going to college to pay fees and you find a Dominos franchise, looking at which you feel to have it, this feeling of having it arises from the first Layer that is (CHOICE-MANN),
  • Now before entering Dominos you will think how to arrange for the bill! You remember that Dad have gave Rs.10,500/- for paying fees and the actual fees amount is just Rs.10,000/- so now the cruel mind signals you that you can enjoy the rest Rs.500/-, this kind of setting is done by our power of Decision i.e (BUDDHI).
  • After which you order your favourite PIZZA, you enjoy it, And if on the same evening your mom prepares pizza at home and when you have it you yourself in your mind start comparing that mom’s pizza is not as tasty as DOMINOS, (DOMINOS KI BAAT HI KUCH NIRALI HAI…), here your memory starts comparing things , and we just say the pizza was tasty to our mom so as to keep her happy, but actually we don’t enjoy home’s pizza we just memorize the taste of DOMINOS PIZZA! similarly in life we compare many things we get unsatisfied and stay unhappy, Here the power of Memory(CHITT) is explained.
  • And the last but the most Important Layer is the “EGO(AHANKAR)”-

When we have a PIZZA at Dominos, etc we end up informing our friends and colleagues indirectly through our photos or status on social networking sites, that you had a PIZZA!


Alike from the above example we human beings fall prey to all this FOUR LAYERS which creates INNER-GLOBAL WARMING,

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  • POWER OF LUST– The experience of Lust can destroy one’s career.

e.g. Tiger Woods No.1, Golf player and the richest sports person lost his respect due to his affairs.

2)   POWER OF ANGER- Its Scientifically proved that whenever a person gets angry, he loses his energy as much as one runs for 5miles.

3) POWER OF GREED- Rajat Gupta, an IIT BOMBAY;MBA from HOWARD who was at a good position in a MULTINATIONAL FIRM, but just because of his greedy nature he is spending his day & night in a JAIL in AMERICA.

4) POWER OF ADAMANT NATURE- Adamant nature will not let you gel with people and you will be ISOLATED.

5) POWER OF JEALOUSY- Jealousy is the most common factor found in every human being, there are “N” no. of examples for Jealousy, somewhere in our life even we get a feeling of jealousy.

*Here are some Tips how to overcome this INNER- GLOBAL WARMING.

1) EMPTY YOUR MIND- It means remove all negativity thoughts and always see yourself!


  1. a) Once WINSTON CHURCHILL was asked about what is the secret of his success, he replied, “DON’T GIVE UP!” is his secret.
  2. b) In 1989, INDIA vs PAKISTAN, Cricket match when SACHIN TENDULKAR was hit by a ball while batting, baller was WAQAR YOUNIS, the ball hit on Sachin’s nose and it started bleeding, while Navjot singh siddhu and other all players and doctors as well told Sachin to return back to pavilion, but it was Sachin’s firm determinmation to play the match, and he played well. Today he is known worldwide.

3) PRACTICE MEDITATION-Meditation has got all powers if practiced regularly Right from Ancient India till today who ever has followed it has passed to keep his MONKEY MIND in control.

4) BE IN A COMPANY OF GOOD PEOPLE- Its always better to be in touch with good company of people. Because our behaviourial pattern represent from where we come, so its always advisable to be in a company of good people.



Pratik.K. Kelkar


Bhavans College, Andheri (w)

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