Wearing hijab makes you look beautiful as well as feel beautiful.A girl in hijab is like a pearl in the shell.Muslim girls take pride in wearing it and not just that it can make you look drop dead gorgeous.Here are tips to rock the hijab look:-



1) Firstly, start off by figuring out which style of hijab works best for your face shape. There are wrap like ones, “Turkish” style ones, two pieces (not recommended for older women) and many more! There is Persian style which is simply wrapped around your head and knotted under your chin.The variety of scarf styles are endless, but you’re bound to find one that suits you.

2) You can search for designs and materials which will suit you.

3) Now that we have the right type, work on the colors. Fair skinned women and dark toned women are at an advantage in this area. Almost all colors of hijab will look good on these two extremes of skin tones.

4) Consider your eye color Try to go for colors similar to your eye color. Light eyes always look good in black and gray hijabs, while dark eyed girls should go for lighter colors to emphasize the difference.

5) How can you not try a bit makeup if not too much? A little mascara and lip-gloss is subtle, yet highlights the natural beauty that you have been blessed women with. It is always fun to experiment with different colors of eyeliner such as blue, green, plum, gray and many others!After applying eye liner, you can use mascara on your top lashes and finish it all off with a quick brush of pink blush. It looks subtle but greatly emphasizes your features.


6) Nowadays due to our eating and makeup habits it has become difficult for us to get clear skin.It is easier to wish your skin was clear than to actually have clear skin. A little cover, powder and/or concealer can make your complexion seemingly flawless.

7) Match your clothes as best as you can.However, if you find you don’t have a matching hijab, white hijab goes good with everything.

8) You can be modestly dressed along with being stylish!Get those cute shoes you saw at the mall! Just don’t go overboard though. We all have good style, we just need to work on it a bit.Make it appropriate. You can opt for wearing long dresses with the regular(skinny is not modest and too exposing)jeans under with cute, matching flats and a matching hijab!

Even if it is wearing hijab,don’t let anyone say you ain’t beautiful.




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