Have The Bad Habit Of Confusing Others When You Speak? Tips To Organize Your Speech


organize your speech

If the thoughts are not organized, it will be difficult for others to understand the message of the speech. Before the start, the speaker should have clarity in his mind about what he wants to say and how he is going to say. Organization of ideas brings clarity to thinking. It helps thoughts to flow logically in order for others to follow it easily and make communication effective.

Every speech has a purpose to achieve, a message to convey and a time within which we have to do it. Some general guidelines on organizing our thoughts in a speech.

  1. The introduction of the speech introduces the topic. It tells the audience in a few words what you are going to tell them about. It is important you get the attention of your audience with those few words. It can be an appropriate quote, story and an action that connects with what follows. The first impression you make with an interesting introduction makes the audience tune into your words.
  2. The body of your speech is the content of your message. Limit yourself to what you can tell them in the time you have.
  3. Too long speeches are boring for the audience. All arguments to be supported with evidences.
  4. The conclusion of the speech has to be interesting to make it memorable. It can be relevant quote, a summary, a call for action etc.

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