Being addressed as a shorty distresses you and makes you squirm?Do not fret! Here are tips that will help you look taller:-

Tip # 1 For Looking Taller: Tighter is Often Better

You may not be completely thrilled with the idea of wearing tight clothing, as it can be pretty uncomfortable. However, tighter is typically better. The reason may be because it helps emphasize your lines, ultimately helping you look taller. When you wear baggier clothing, you will probably find that your lines will not be so visible, which will ultimately cause you to look shorter. The only instance in which bagginess is an exception when it comes to dressing as a short person is when it comes to shirts and jeans. When you tuck a baggy shirt into tighter jeans, you will notice that your legs will look just as long (or tall) as they would if you were to wear a tighter shirt.

Tip # 2 For Looking Taller: Avoid Wearing Capris or Crop Shorts

Chances are that you have always loved the appearance of Capris or Crop shorts. If you are aiming to look taller, however, wearing both of these types of shorts is not going to help. For some reason, they tend to make short people’s legs look even shorter and stubby. You may be wondering what you should wear if you are not comfortable wearing short shorts. Well, your best option is to probably try out Bermuda shorts. Since these shorts will typically cutoff right before the knee begins, or in some cases right below the knee, your legs will get an overall longer appearance. Keep in mind that the same rule applies to skirts; those that end close to the ankles will make you look shorter, whereas those that end closer to the knee will help elongate your legs.

Tip # 3 For Looking Taller: Don’t Wear Flat Shoes

Lately, flat shoes have been considered very fashionable. Unfortunately, if you are really interested in looking taller, flat shoes are not the best choice for you. These shoes will be likely to draw attention to your feet, which will look very flat in them. What this will do is emphasize the fact that you are short, and in some cases, you may even look shorter because of these shoes. Opting for medium heels (as heels that are too high can just cause you to look like you are trying too hard) or chunkier shoes is typically the best option.

Tip # 4 For Looking Taller: Forget Everything You’ve Heard About Skinny Jeans

You have probably always been told that you should avoid skinny jeans because they can cause your legs to look chubbier and even make you look shorter. While this can be true in some cases, it is important to keep in mind that it is not always true. If you have long or slender legs, skinny jeans can help emphasize this. Darker colored skinny jeans are often the most complementary. One of the main reasons that skinny jeans may add length to your appearance is because they tend to add a slimming look, which is especially true about darker colored skinny jeans. Whether you like the idea or not, you should at least try a few pairs of skinny jeans on. You may be surprised with the results that you see.

Tip # 5 For Looking Taller: Wear Long Shirts

Wearing shirts that are longer in length can cause your torso to look longer. This can add several “visual inches” to your entire body. It is most common for tank tops and tee-shirts to be sold in longer lengths. Lately, however, you will typically be able to find long shirts for all seasons. (Once again, keep in mind that tighter is better. A long, baggy shirt may cause your body to look both shorter and chubbier).

Tip # 6 For Looking Taller: Opt For Darker Colored Clothing

It is a well known fact that being slimmer actually causes you to look taller also. Unfortunately, not all of us are as slim as we would like to be. You have probably already heard that wearing darker colored clothing can actually make you look slimmer. Opting for colors such as black, navy blue, forest green, maroon, and chocolate brown can make you look slimmer – and ultimately taller. Opting for darker colored tops and pants will both add length to your appearance.

Tip # 7 For Looking Taller: Use Layering to its Advantage

Although you may not even realize it, when it is done right, layering can help your body look a lot taller. Of course, there are several things that you will want to keep in mind if you plan to layer. The first thing is that the darker colored shirt should always go on the outside, as this is the color that people will be the most focused on when they look at you. Another thing that you should keep in mind is the type of shirts that you are laying. It is often best to layer a v-neck shirt on top of a tank top, mainly because a v-neck shirt tends to add a longer appearance to the body. You should avoid layering ruffled shirts, mainly because they only add emphasis to the chest and neck area, rather than the rest of your body. Test out several shirts when layering to see what makes you look the tallest.

Tip # 8 For Looking Taller: Choose the Right Hair Style

Although you probably think that your hair style has no effect on how tall you look, it can. Longer hair styles actually can cause you to look shorter because they cause the eye to wander mainly to your hair, rather than your body. Opting for shorter hair styles will provide you with the tallest appearance because it will put more emphasis on your neck, rather than your hair. This is especially true if your neck is longer. Medium hair styles are also acceptable if you wish to look taller.

Tip # 9 For Looking Taller: Test Out Different Types of Stripes

Stripes are known to provide the visual length that you are hoping for. Most short people find that vertical stripes work the best for them. However, there are cases in which people also claim that horizontal stripes work wonders for them also. The main key is to try out a few different types of stripes and decide what types may help you look taller, as well as what types may cause you to look shorter. Base your future clothing decisions on the results that you get.

Tip # 10 For Looking Taller: Emphasize With Bright Colors

Is there one part of your body that you really want to emphasize which will help you look taller? For example, let’s pretend that you have long, slender legs. If you want to use your legs to make your whole body look taller, then you should try shopping for bright colored pants, whether they are red, orange or lime green. If you have a slim stomach, you may want to emphasize this using a brightly colored shirt, whether it is solid or graphics. No matter what you decide on emphasizing, realize that bright colored clothing is probably the way to go. It is often best to match that with dark colored clothing (e.g. a bright pink shirt with dark colored jeans).

These are just ten of the very easy things that you can do when dressing in order to help yourself look taller! Remember that being short is not always a bad thing though! Being happy with who you are and showing confidence will help you look taller in itself!


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