India, country with 1.3 billion peoples, various language, slangs and traditions. Yet one thing above all connects a chord amongst us all is ‘the passion for sports’. We have around 50 sports played in this nation at various levels and many of them could be added at international list. We not only played those games, but our ancestors have invented some prominent ones among them. (Chess though considered Egyptian, has roots in India.)


Such passion for any sport is created into our mind right from our early age and we each have our idols fixed, whom we try and imitate. Whether it is hair style or playing style…!! We easily resemble the person and it forms our Role personality.

We get mentally involved in the act, rather than treating it mere physical activity unlike rest of the world. So it is bound to increase the pressure of blood of a man in death over of cricket match..!!

Due to this mental involvement, the tension among player increases before crucial match and may affect in their favour or acts against their normal performance.

Sports in India can form a secret brotherhood that ties us beyond anything else. Consider a stranger in train may easily ask at random ‘what’s the score mate’ and they can debate over gaming strategy for rest of journey.

I guess the words ‘Sachin chi century’ has given more smiles than any blockbuster.

Or even a death of a sportsman easily brings in tears in our eyes, rare in other countries.

May it be the India v/s Pakistan WC semi final, or Hockey final against Australia, we all have the celebrated or cried together (depending on result)

Another quality that qualify us as sporting nations are that international peace negotiations carried out by way of some sporting events (Aman ki Asha India V/s Pakistan series) and been result of melting down harsh feeling amongst hostile neighbourhood.

  • These was the brighter side picture of the sporting world of our motherland, however on grey side

Considerable the debate topic:  country of billion and not even dozen Olympic medals.

Even though hockey is our national sport, fan following for the game is far less as compared to commercial sports.  (Recently it has been announced by GOI under RTI Act that hockey is not our national sport)

Sometimes our feelings take better of us and we display rare image of emotions on the field which is not common amongst professionals.

  New Picture

When players are in peak of form they are youth icons, however if form fades slightly, they are made to suffer beyond humiliation (to an extent that stone pelting occurs).

New Picture (1)

This insecurity of future might be the cause for rise in unfair practices conducted in the sporting field which has defamed us internationally.

Hereby concluding I will just add that, sports are what defines us to the world and integrity of the game is more important than any of us. And whatever the end is “THE GAME MUST GO ON…!!”



                                                                                                                –Vibhav Galadagekar.

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