Our heart is the fastest to change of anything that is known on earth. And we are very bad masters who cannot control it and rather fall into the pit of its greedy needs.
Up till materialistic leisure it is manageable. But what to do when our heart falls for somebody?
Yes, what to do when you have a crush on somebody?


Dealing With Your Crush

It is a very common feeling, though we never realize when it starts or ends. Although, the journey from its beginning to end can make a huge difference to a person’s life in many possible ways. That is why, it is important to be ready to deal with it.
When in crush, the first and foremost thing to know is that it is a crush, you LIKE the person and not LOVE him. It is a very common misunderstanding that young generation fail to tackle.
A crush is an infatuation which in most of the cases happens at the first sight itself. We get a crush on any Peron who is very good looking or charming in his own ways.

Dealing With Your Crush 1

We want to see the person every now and then and want to know more about him. We feel like spending more time with him and always anticipate for any such occasion.
And it is the right way to go.

It is very important to know a person well before going any further step ahead. And that can be done with your sources and resources. If possible, find out from your mutual friends about the fellow. Check out his profile on social Medias to know what he likes and dislikes. Once you approve of his social appearance, go ahead with making contacts. Send him friend request or WhatsApp him with casual “hi or hello”. And slowly start asking more about his public life. Yes, never ask any personal question in your initial days. It might offend him and you can lose your chance. Go slowly. Find out if the person is interested in talking to you.
Do not bother him day and night. Give him his solace and don’t present yourself as desperate.

You had a crush, you got his contact, and you don’t know what to talk. What next?
Crush affects our minds like a drug where we are extremely happy, kind of oblivious to the world and obsessed with the person. We forget that we do have a life apart from this fantasy world.
While dealing with your crush, make sure you are not neglecting yourself. Eat, sleep and study or work properly. Though it is difficult, it is important because crush is a temporary phenomenon which gives us joy where our health and work give the real output. Make sure you are completing all your important tasks on time. Keep the fancying time for traveling, walking, or sleeping. This way, you manage to balance both in a proper way. Because at some point of time in future, you are going to laugh at yourself for being crazy and stupid. Make memories to laugh at them and not regret.



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  1. Ankur Bramha 5 years ago

    Never lie to your crush….
    Or else u gonna get crushed!!!!!

  2. hiba mirza 5 years ago

    be loyal to the ones u loved if u arent u in a big lost

  3. Vaibhav Sharma 5 years ago

    Love shud b true <3

  4. vagragenericaar.org 1 month ago

    Thank you.

    Youseful blog. Good post.

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