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There is a little relationship between jobs and degrees. Degrees equip a man only theoretically. One holding simply degrees and no practical experience is not fit for a job, which requires proficiency in sufficient quantity. On the other hand, a person processing practical experience of the job is more successful in it even if he has not acquired degrees. Acquisition of degrees is not sure guarantee of ability or merit. Much of the knowledge of the degree holder is theoretical, which does not help in the job. Craze of degrees leads to cramming, which is of little use in the practical field.

However, there is another end too to this. Degrees demonstrate that a person has acquired excellence upto certain level. After all, we shall require some standard or measure which will speak about the attainments of a person. Degrees are offered after a great deal of labour. The necessity of degrees for jobs requires one to put in one’s best effort to acquire the degree and hence, instills in one incentive for persistent work and tenacity of purpose.  Most of the jobs require certain minimum standard of attainments. Degrees show that standard.

The relationship between a degree and a job is a little subtle.  At an organizational level, employers have been proclaiming the need for highly educated and skilled people if their businesses are to be successful in the global economy. This contradicts the entire view about the article. Admitted that practical experience has a great value for a job, but theoretical knowledge and a degree of being a grad or a post-grad is equally necessary.

Since degrees are indispensable to many jobs, young men and women run to enroll themselves into a university, without paying attention to his natural aptitude and inclination. Students pursue studies not for higher learning but to enter a job market which requires the possession of a degree, by fair means or foul. These young men and women pollute the entire academic atmosphere.

The basic argument advanced in favour of delinking jobs from degrees is that our education system is not job-oriented. University degrees cater to the requirement of white-collar jobs and do not im­part any professional competence. But these jobs can be satisfactorily handled by boys and girls even with school level education. Then why go to the College or University at all?

A sound education invariably ads weight to the experience and make it going smooth. But, in case you don’t have a degree because of some peculiar reasons, you will face some obstacles in getting a stable job. The real need of the hour is to revamp school education, make it more meaningful and more job-oriented so that there is a smooth channelization of young people from school into their professional life.




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