I think it would be stupid to ask this question to today’s tech-savvy generation! Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. It is an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia”. Did you know 66% of the world’s population suffers from nomophobia?


I am not saying am not a nomophobic, in fact my 90% of the day’s work cannot be completed without the use of my mobile phone! But the thing is, same work people used to do it earlier too, without the use of phones and that too efficiently. Mobile phones have made us too dependent on it for every single thing!

When was the last time you left home without your phone? When did you switch it off for a day? When did actually take a vacation from your phone? Things have changed so much and dependence on phone has increased with every passing day. Phones have become an important part of our lives, that we might once ignore a relation but never ignore our phone yelling “battery about to die”. Today, even a 9 year old kid has a phone! I wonder what he does with that. Instead of going out and playing with other kids, he sits at home chatting on Whatsapp or playing a game on the phone.

I make sure I switch off my phone when am with my family or friends because, you can afford giving up on some meeting calls, you might get them back but once you lose relations, you never get them back! Try being different, write hand written letters instead of texting, try meeting that person instead of talking on calls, try wishing the person personally instead of updating your status, try using real maps than using GPS. Being a nomophobic will connect you to people but you won’t be connected to them. There is difference!

Do you love suffering from Nomophobia or like having no phobia? Choice is yours!

-Saloni Tolia.

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Smita Singh

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