Are You Succumbing to Peer Pressure?


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 You are going to shop for a stunning black lace outfit because your class-mate whom you think is “cool” has one or you are awaiting Iphone 6 just because there is alot of buzz about it. You agree to someone’s opinion just because if you don’t, they’ll find you “uncool”.If you do so it’s time to realize that peer pressure has begun to gnaw into you.

 Keeping yourself acquainted with all the current trends is a good thing but what’s with just doing it for being accepted by people around?You have to drink or dress up in a particular way just to fit in a particular group?Be the shadow of some popular chick in college just to have a “cool” image?Peer pressure is indeed reaching feverish levels these days.Why bow to peer pressure for love and acceptance!

 Love and acceptance if has to be chased is not really worth it.Being inspired by the way people behave or dress up is a thing but why not don’t try to be different for a change?It’s better then fitting yourself into a mould atleast.Those who love you will love you for the person you are with all your blemishes and imperfections.Don’t buckle under this pressure ignoring the flouting rules.

  You have your individuality.A distinct aura!So you can’t afford to be a part of this fierce,rat race.Be a swan instead by being the perfect version of you.If you tend to be different,I’m sure as hell that barbs and tarts might come your way.Criticism is a part of life.And what do you do about that?

 You just save every ounce of your energy to prove yourself  and astonish them rather then brooding over those bitchy remarks.Just remember that,there are going to be haters,there are going to be doubters but in the midst of them there is going to be YOU proving all of them wrong.

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 -Misbaah Mansuri

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