A Path Changing Internship and Why I Wish To Share It With You!



After my last HSC paper, I had ONLY ONE thought in my mind-“Now I can fly like a free bird”. Well who doesn’t think that after slogging for few months.I had planned to go everywhere and do everything in my summer vacations. But then, my elder brother, who is like a mentor to me planted a thought in my mind which was instrumental to “my best experience”.

He came up with a critical suggestion- An Internship. He was of the opinion that practical experience has much more impact than any other aspect of life. He was so keen with respect to my personal development that he himself tried to find an internship for me. Harsh who is the CEO and Founder of Pyoopil Education Technologies and a very good friend of my brother called me up one day and asked me to join their team as an intern. That news left me totally amazed!

I could not believe that everything was going on so fast. I still remember all those questions ran through my mind that night like, How am I gonna work? Will I be able to satisfy my seniors? Shall I be thrown out of the internship if I do not do something right? How will I survive that atmosphere? and on and on. These unanswered questions accompanied me to Delhi. It was a very exciting and enticing moment of my life.I could possibly imagine  the best and exhilarating moments to the worst and most demotivating moments.


They were a team of 3 as it was a start-up. After spending few days with them, I was pretty stunned by their intellect and  told myself- “this is an amazing opportunity to explore and LEARN many new things”.The atmosphere while working there was pretty intense.

They used to talk about different things everyday and I used to sit with them observing each one’s perspective. I could learn much more from their discussions and arguments rather than reading (which I thought I could do after returning back).We used to work for long hours and there was no specific time for us to eat, sleep, hang out etc. We used to even have fun while working so it wasn’t like a serious corporate working style where you just have to work, work and work.

This Internship provided me a base of systematic thinking.It helped me in understanding certain business related approaches as well.It was instrumental in pushing me upto my limits and performing very well than I could think.

It highly exposed me to learn,adapt and observe things in life.More than anything,the internship changed my psychology  and had a huge impact on  my perceptions and interpretations. for eg. I used to feel very bored and lazy to grab a book and read,but not anymore.Moreover,as i was a Market analyst and researcher it helped me to learn various aspects in that field too.

If anyone would ask me what is your definition of internship, my answer to them would be in points as follows:

  • Learning to the fullest
  • Experiencing like never before
  • Opening up to the world more than ever
  • Exploring things that you didn’t think of
  • Discovering work along with fun.

All in all I would like to end this article by simply putting up in this manner- The person that  I am now, is completely different from what I used to be before the internship. And I feel this kind of change in personality is my best experience!

– Vatsal Doshi

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